Stepes is an on-demand translation service for businesses and anyone who wants to obtain quality human translations. As a translator you will be able to search for jobs, translate and get paid all within the Stepes platform.
There has never been a better time to be a translator! Simply complete the translator sign up here to begin earning money like other professional linguists.
You will have to ask to reset your password here. We will ask you for your username and then we will send you an email with a password reset link.
We recommend you to upload a professional photo about yourself that represents you well. Just like the one you would use in LinkedIn.
We carefully assign translators to client’s translation projects depending on your profiles, giving you more exposure in the translation field of work. We base this on translator’s interest of industries, language pairs, photos and contact details. Please ensure all of this information is filled out in detail and correctly.
Stepes only allows translators to work in their native language(s). For this reason, it is not possible to add extra target languages to your own account. If you believe that there is an error in your target languages, you will need to contact us directly so that we can check your settings and make sure everything is ok.
Profile review takes seven (7) business days from the time of sign-up to be reviewed/approved. A notification will be sent to a user’s email address with details on the status of their profile.
If you wish to permanently delete your account from our system, please contact us.
Please register here and as soon as your application has been reviewed and approved, you can start working immediately using Stepes’ simple users’ interface.
As an on-demand translation system, Stepes assigns job requests to its pool of approved linguists based on their language pairs, industries of expertise and ratings. When jobs in your language pairs are posted onto Stepes, you will be sent an email notification to accept the job. Whoever accepts the job first will be given the task of translating. As Stepes continues to grow, more jobs will be made available to you as a Stepes Translator. You also have the option to accept jobs and translate in your desktop web browser or using our Apple iOS and Google Android Apps, in the search jobs section.
If you receive an email notification for a new job and you'd like to accept it, simply click on the Accept Job button. If you are already an approved translator, the job will be shown in the Active Jobs sections. You can start translating from the App or in your desktop.
Translation deadlines are specified in the document before you accept. These will depend on the size and urgency of the document and will vary from each project. Please make sure to verify that you are able to complete the project within the specified deadlines before accepting the project. Completing projects past the deadline may result in lower ratings.