Yes. In unique circumstances, we have a project come in that is not taken on as quickly as expected, and this can mean that you see it after the deadline has passed. In this instance, the project should be given priority should you have claimed other project, as the deadline will be as soon as delivery is possible.
Once you’ve completed your translation, the customer can review your work and rate your translations. The ratings are based on the quality of your translation and your service (responsiveness, on-time delivery, etc.). The better your rating, the more likely you’ll be offered jobs in the future. It can even make a client request specifically for your translation services in future projects.
You can contact the Stepes Team here to request a client re-evaluation and ask for feedback on future translations. The clients might or might not change their reviews but you will learn the areas you need to improve.
We accept major file formats such as PDF, INDD, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, ODT, TXT, HTML, PPT, PPTX, RTF, RES, MIF, XML and RC. But you as a translator won’t need to worry about those because Stepes breaks down the text into sentences regardless of the format.
CAT tools stand for Computer-Assisted Translation tools and have been used by professional translators for decades. Although they have been helpful, they haven't been advancing at the same pace as technology, in other words they are very outdated. This is why Stepes decided to create this innovative platform. Moreover, CAT tools are only helpful in the translation process. As opposed to Stepes that allows you to search jobs, translate and also get paid all within the platform.
We’ve worked very hard to create a simple and easy to use platform, as opposed to the complexity CAT tools involve. Stepes breaks down the text into sentences and you also have the option of using MT so you can modify these sentences and speed up the process. With Stepes, you no longer have to use CAT tools; and what’s best, you can take your job anywhere on your desktop or mobile device.
MT stands for Machine Translation; this button will automatically translate the source sentence so you can edit the machine translated text. This will save you time and allow you to be more efficient.
In order to assure the quality of your translation, the system only allows you to input 10% of machine translation. If you exceed this amount, it will ask you to edit your work.
Stepes’ main goal is to break language barriers and also help with the spread of minor languages and dialects. If you can translate a language not featured in Stepes, please contact us as we’d love to know more about you.
With Stepes you will be paid per word: $0.05 - $0.14; This will vary depending on the translation language and subject field.
Currently, translators’ payments are made easily through PayPal and/or Payoneer. Translators will be able to choose from these options upon registration.
For PayPal, users can withdraw the available funds any time when the payment term matures, usually after 30 days. For Payoneer, it has a 50 USD minimum. To know more about your next available withdrawal date, please click on ‘Earning Report + Withdrawal History’ on your user profile.