Once you accept a job, you will be asked if you want to add this job as an event in your Google calendar or iCalendar. This will help you better organize your time to complete the task. The event will show the name of the project, language pairs, word count, deadline and payment.
As a freelance translator, we know how important it is for you to organize your own time. For this reason, Stepes will offer you jobs and you can decide to accept them or not depending on your availability. As long as you can meet the deadline specified in each project, you can organize your time as you please. You can even add the job in your Stepes calendar.
Stepes is an online translation platform that supports both the desktop and mobile. Stepes pioneered mobile translation using the chat interface, allowing translators for the first time in history to translate easily on their smartphones whenever and wherever they want while earning money. We encourage Stepes translators to take advantage of mobile translation. To translate on your smartphone, you will need to download either the Android or iOS app. (can we provide a link for them to download the app?)
The Stepes ‘Try Outs’ are industry specific sample documents that allow translators to get familiar with the Stepes platform. They are only available in the App and are unpaid. Once you finish a ‘Try Out’ it will automatically delete itself. For an in-depth understanding on Stepes please refer to our user guide here. Keyword: (*) – Updated questions