Stepes Revolutionizes Translation

Stepes changes the way translation is performed by allowing anyone with a connected mobile device to become a translator. It takes advantage of the popular chat model to perform translations in a very natural way similar to many of the chat applications on the market today. By first breaking down a document into smaller paragraphs and then sentences, Stepes allows linguists to perform translation in a conversation style suited for a smaller mobile screen. This chat approach fundamentally solves the constraint of small mobile displays, making the translation process enjoyable while significantly improving user experience and translation efficiency.

What Is Swish?

Swish is the name of Stepes’ chat based translation technology. Swish makes the process of translating on smartphones both natural and spontaneous, leading to significant improvement in user experience and translation efficiency. By making translation projects readily accessible to the billions of people who speak two or more languages, Stepes Swish enables the Big Translation that will fundamentally change global communication as we know it today.

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