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“Everyone is so pleased with how the Stepes solution has really helped us reign in our costs for small translation jobs. It has been a god send and the team has been very helpful when there were any hiccups. I’m very happy with your services.”


Deborah Stephens

Web Content Manager


The Digital Challenge

We live in a global digital economy in which information is fast-changing and distributed through many channels. Multinational enterprises must optimize their corporate communications to connect with customers worldwide and grow business globally. The hyper-connected world has radically changed basic customer expectations about turnaround times. Fast delivery of translation services is no longer a matter of weeks or days; it’s now minutes and seconds.

Today, enterprises must be able to consistently market, advertise, sell, and support online across smartphones, tablets, social networks, and a growing number of Internet of things (IoTs). This is why innovations in translation technology that deliver multichannel and agile translation services when and where customers need them are critical factors for global business success. Professionals rely on networks such as websites, social media, call centers, and live on-site interpretation to perform a growing number of business related tasks. Modern translation solutions that are dynamic, real time, and rendered on all devices are not only possible—they are increasingly a must.

Designed for the digital economy, Stepes disrupts traditional static localization models so multinational enterprises can penetrate into global markets more quickly and efficiently.

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Our Services

Here is a list of Stepes enterprise localization and translation management solutions.  Many of these services can be customized to meet the unique global language solution requirements of your own organization.


The World Is Agile

In today’s digital economy, content is becoming smaller, more fragmented, and in need of on-demand translation in minutes and around the clock. Traditional localization models are no longer sufficient in meeting these always-on, agile, and fast translation requirements of the digital age. Stepes professional and on-demand human translation services works perfectly on all devices, and is ideally positioned to deliver quality, speed, and scalability that modern enterprises demand in order to succeed internationally.

Click here ( to see Stepes instant human translation service live in action. Powered by a large network of professional human translators from around the world, Stepes is the world’s first mobile translation ecosystem using a model similar to Uber and Lyft.

Mobile and Artificial Intelligence


Localization industry experts agree that two of the biggest trends impacting the translation industry are mobile technology and AI (artificial intelligence.) In today’s mobile-centric world, everyone is accessing information including translated content on their smartphones. This is why mobile devices will play an increasingly important role in the translation ecosystem. Instant notifications and the ability for linguists to translate anywhere and anytime are essential in the era of omnichannel commerce where content changes quickly, and is in need of on-demand translation in minutes at any time of day. Legacy localization services are no longer capable of meeting these agile translation requirements of the digital age. This is why mobile enterprise translation services like Stepes are poised for massive growth.

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the way how knowledge workers in many industries do their jobs. For the translation field automatic translation technologies, including the latest neural machine translation algorithms, are playing increasingly important roles in the delivery of enterprise translation solutions. However, machine translations (MTs) alone are not enough because quality translation requires subject matter knowledge and cultural nuances so human translators must be involved to post-edit the MT content. Stepes is the first translation ecosystem to introduce a mobile based platform so translators and subject matter experts can confidently post-edit MT results anywhere and on all devices.

As the world’s #1 provider of on-demand enterprise translation and global language solutions, Stepes is uniquely equipped to help global businesses meet the new challenges of a digital world. Our cutting-edge technology and highly-skilled customer service representatives enable our clients to streamline their enterprise translation & communication processes to achieve faster time-to-market and increased ROI in global markets.

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Terminology Management. Simplified.

Multilingual enterprise terminology management is the single most important component of professional translation solutions. However, effective terminology management does require considerable know-how and substantial human resources. This is why Stepes offers a complete terminology management solution for our clients that includes terminology extraction, glossary creation, term definition, translation and on-going maintenance. We employ the industry’s leading terminology management platform TermWiki Pro (Stepes’ sister product) to help our clients create, collaborate, and control terminology content for consistency and accuracy across all cultures and languages. For a complete description about Stepes enterprise terminology management solutions, please visit

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