live human interpretation services

Talk & Translate

Talk & Translate

Talk to a human translator to get language help in real time through free IP calls in any major city around the world.

Document Translation

Document Translation

Get professional translation services for your documents on-demand. We support all cloud drives and document formats.

Chat & Translate

Chat & Translate

Get instant human translation of short texts, voice, and images. Chat with a live human translator anywhere and anytime.

Book a Translator

Book a Translator

Need an onsite translator for your international business meetings?  Book a translator easily to get in-person language assistance.

World’s First People-Powered Translation App

Are you traveling overseas for business or leisure? Don’t get stuck trying to talk to your cab driver or being embarrassed with Google Translate. Stepes Translator App connects you to a local translator and interpreter on the spot wherever you go. Don’t settle for outdated solutions and inferior translations, experience the personal touch and cultural insight a human translator can bring to your translation needs.


Talk to Translators Instantly!

It’s official — on-demand human translation and interpretation services are an easy button push away. Whether you are traveling overseas as a tourist, attending international business meetings, providing global customer support, or visiting suppliers and factories, Stepes Translation App helps you overcome language barriers in real time, anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Location-based Translation Services

Location-based services (LBS) are booming. Stepes mobile translation app is the first in the world to use location-based human translators and interpreters to deliver on-demand translation and interpretation services around the clock and around the world. Finally, you can obtain instant human translation services anywhere from the best translator app all on your smartphone, easily!

The Stepes Translator App Does It All

The Stepes mobile translation app can translate everything, including text, audio speech and texts within images. It’s also the best voice translator app. Stepes’ patent pending chat-based interface streamlines the entire translation process, so you can get what you want translated easily.

Voice & Audio

Record your voice and have it translated instantly so you can communicate with people from around the world.


Type or copy/paste your text to get it translated in real time as if you are chatting with a friend.

Image & Video

Take a picture of a street sign or upload your image/video to have it translated instantly.

Stepes versus Google Translate and iTranslate

Trying to decide which translation app best suits your language service needs? Easily compare Stepes, Google Translate and iTranslate for translation capabilities, features, and solutions.

Product Google Translate
Google Translate
Product Description Google Translate is a machine translation app by Google. iTranslate is the top machine translation app for the Apple iPhone. Stepes is a human translation app that is powered by translators from around the world.
Machine Translation Yes Yes No
Human Translation No No Yes
Best Language Quality No No Yes
Text Translation Yes Yes Yes
Voice Translation Yes Yes Yes
Image Translation Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous Interpretation No No Yes
Chat with a Translator No No Yes
Chat Translation Yes Yes Yes
Location Based Interpretation No No Yes
Schedule for On-Site Interpretation No No Yes
Document Translation No No Yes
Translation Review No No Yes
Language Dictionary No Yes No
Machine Translation Post-Editing No No Yes
European Languages Yes Yes Yes
Asian Languages Yes Yes Yes
Latin American Languages Yes Yes Yes
African Languages No No Yes
Language Learning Yes Yes Yes

Meeting All of Your Tanslation Needs

Whether you are looking for an iPhone translator app, an Android translation app, or just a human translator app, Stepes is all that you will need to fulfil all your language services need around the world and around the clock.

Document Translation

Translate your documents and texts


Hire a personal translator for translation session

Over the Phone

Direct call with an interpreter in nearby location


Document Translation

Use Stepes to translate your press releases, blogs, Word docs, user guides, PDFs and any other types of content. Simply upload your documents or copy/paste the text that need to be translated. We’ll send you an instant quote, and once you approve it, a Stepes translator will begin working on the translation right away. You can download the translated document upon completion.

upload icon


One-on-One allows you to hire a personal translator or interpreter on the Stepes network. It’s perfect for situations when you need a translator or interpreter for a set period of time, such as during events that require live interpretation or even for personalized translation support when you’re traveling abroad.


Over the Phone

Finally, mobile-powered live human interpretation services at your fingertips is a reality. Whether you are traveling internationally as a tourist, attending business meetings abroad, providing global customer support, or learning a second language, our mobile-powered and human interpretation services help you overcome language barriers in real time, around the world and around the clock.

iOS and Android Support

Stepes mobile translator app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. You can order translation, monitor the progress of translation, and pay for translations or interpretation all from within the app.

Download on the App Store

Android App on Google Play


Stepes Into Big Translation

Like Big Data, Big Translation will transform the way we communicate.

Mobile Interpretation

Interpretation is one of the fastest growing areas of language services worldwide today as more people travel internationally for business and leisure. Mobile technology makes it easy for anyone to easily request on-the-go live interpretation from anywhere in the world. Stepes chat-based solutions and its large network work of professional human interpreters makes getting interpretation as simple as texting. Interpretation service rendered mobile devices just got so much easier.

Your Personal Translator

We are no longer confined to one country or one language but our communication technologies have not caught up. What if there were an app that could be your personal translator? That app is Stepes, the Uber for translation. Stepes’ real time sharing app allows users to record a message in either the foreign language or their mother tongue. The request is instantly sent to another user who is fluent in the selected language(s). Instead of hiring professional translators or relying on the hilarious mistranslations of Google Translate, anyone bilingual can lend a hand and act as a translator for a fellow user.


Need mobile translation support?

  • Extremely fast project turnaround.
  • Unprecedented translation scalability.
  • Digital content and social media translation adept.
  • Higher quality with bilingual subject matter experts.
  • Competitive service through efficiency.
  • Mobile translation enabled.

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Best Translation Apps for iOS and Android

Search “translation apps” on the iTunes stores or Google Play and you will see quite literally tens and tens of apps of all kind. Some allow you to speak directly into the app, others are dictionary-based apps that require you to type in phrases, and finally, some are point-and-shoot. The latest addition to the translation apps world is a new generation of business applications that allow professional human translators to translate text and perform live interpretation service directly on their smartphones...

Smartphones: your pocket-sized translation machine

Microsoft just updated its Translator app to now support offline translation. That means that even phones which do not have a Wifi or data connection can utilize the app’s translation functions to translate content.In the future, we should see this offline translation capacity become the norm rather than the exception for our mobile phones. Our mobile phones will become the single most important tool for translation. Importantly, mobile translation will not just leverage machine translation...

The Evolution of Mobile Translation

The term ‘mobile’ has taken on new meanings now that mobile apps allow professional translators to translate anywhere. Before Stepes and other truly mobile based translation tools came about, mobile translation used to mean either the localization of mobile apps themselves (i.e. the translation of the user interface of mobile applications into different languages) or mobile translation apps that use MT (machine translation) to translate foreign text...

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