Easily Schedule Onsite Translation Services – Anywhere.


What is Book a Translator?

Stepes Book a Translator App makes it easy to find translators and set up appointments for your onsite translation and interpretation needs wherever you are in the world. It’s a ground-breaking solution that drastically simplifies the process so you get quality onsite and in-person language translation and interpretation services completely hassle free.

What Can I Use It for?

Stepes Book a Translator is ideal for the following real time and onsite translation and interpretation services:

How It Works

Use the Stepes Translation App schedule your interpreter. Simply select Book a Translator, add your desired location, and follow these very quick and easy steps. Or, if you prefer, order online using our online order form. Either way you choose, you can reserve a translator for a specified date, time, and location as easily as booking a hotel reservation.


Select Book a Translator from the Dashboard.



Specify the address for your in-person translation session. Stepes will automatically enter your current address. However, you can change that by entering a different location such as a hotel, an airport, or a café. If you don’t know the exact address, you can tap or drag the pin on the map to specify the location.



Next, select a date and time when you need on-site translation service.



Tell us what you’ll need it for, such as an international business meeting, airport pick up & drop off, or if you require a local tour guide. This way Stepes picks the most qualified translator to support your specific needs.



For business meeting interpretation, you can also select a dress code.



Review your translator reservation and confirm it by clicking on “Book It”.



A reminder entry will be added to your mobile phone calendar for your on-site interpretation session.



One hour prior to your on-site interpretation session, you will be able to track your translator’s travel locations.



Meet the translator at the specified address. Our app uses LBS (location based service) to track your location so you and the translator can meet up at the time and place you prefer. The app also allows you to contact the translator over the phone.



Make your voice heard. You will get a chance to rate the translator on his or her performance after each translation session.


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