Continuous Translation Made Easy

In today’s rapidly growing digital economy, businesses demand high quality translation fast and on a continuous basis. Stepes’ mobile powered translation methodology is the only solution that truly provides real time and around the clock translation. Our fully automated translation platform makes continuous translation as easy as 123.

Key Features:

  • Mobile first: with continuous translation, linguists get notified of new content needing translation instantly and are able to translate anytime and anywhere on-demand, all on their smartphones;
  • Scale with your increasing needs: our large pool of mobile powered translators allow business to get large volume content translated most efficiently;
  • Reduce cost: translation memories and machine assisted translation ensure that the same content is translated only once and fast for the best cost savings;
  • Accelerate time-to-market: our intuitive workflow automation from text extraction, quoting, to professional human translation and review delivers the fastest turnaround times so you can speed up time-to-market;
  • Process automation: our customized API support ensures that Stepes works with all systems and the entire translation workflow is as easy as pressing a button;
  • Simplify translation management: quoting, pricing, project tracking, performance monitoring, invoicing and spend tracking are all centralized in the Stepes' cloud system.

How Businesses Will Benefit

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There are many business functions that can use continuous translation to speed up localization support:

  • Customer support sites that receive customer inquiries constantly and must translate the questions and answers to provide true global support.
  • Customer review sites such as product reviews and travel hotel evaluations that need to translate customer input to effectively reach users internationally.
  • Social medial marketing posts such as tweets, Facebook and Pinterest that must be translated on-demand to generate the biggest impact globally.
  • Software or OS systems that wish to provide in-app translation capabilities to users for just-in-time translation needs.


Have a unique requirement? No problem. Our customized API support ensures that Stepes seamlessly integrates with your existing content creation workflow for the most streamlined continuous translation execution.

What is Continuous Translation?

Continuous translation (also called continuous localization) is the process that provides human translation service non-stop and around-the-clock for streaming and frequently updated content. In today’s age of fast-paced digital content generation and distribution, businesses need speedy and around the clock translation solutions to reach global audiences fast and on a constant basis. In order to achieve continuous translation most effectively, the translation process must be automated so that content needing translation is simultaneously extracted without human intervention and reposted to the foreign language sites post human translation. In addition to workflow automation, mobile translation is essential because content must be pushed to human translators instantly to translate anywhere and anytime on their smartphones. Continuous translation is becoming increasingly important as the digital revolution requires businesses to respond to changing market needs around the world quickly.

Case Study: Translate Twitter

The Stepes Twitter API will translate your Tweets into multiple languages in real time and on a continuous basis, and then posts them onto accounts on Twitter. Stepes is working on an update that can cross platforms to publish translated Twitter posts on Facebook, for example, or any other appropriate social media platform. For the customer, human translation of their social media becomes a one-step process. They simply link up the accounts they want translated or populated and set their daily spending limits.

Need help with continuous translation?

  • Extremely fast project turnaround.
  • Unprecedented translation scalability.
  • Digital content and social media translation adept.
  • Higher quality with bilingual subject matter experts.
  • Competitive service through efficiency.
  • Mobile translation enabled.

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