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Stepes (pronounced /steps/) provides certified, accredited translation services for medical, financial, and legal, as well as government and official documents. We deliver the best linguistic accuracy and speed in over 100 languages.

The Authority in Certified Translation Services

The Authority in Certified Translation Services

Stepes is powered by one of the largest teams of professional, certified translators who’re specially trained to provide highly accurate, official translations of technical documents for a variety of subject matter fields. Our certified translations are accepted by competent authorities in state, federal, and international level jurisdictions and government agencies. We have the linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, localization best practices, and quality assurance standards to deliver the best and certified language translation solutions in over 100 languages.

Whether you need your medical, financial, or legal documents translated with certificates of accuracy, Stepes has the right solution for all your certified language service needs. Our certified translators and subject matter experts are the best the language industry has to offer. We help our clients meet the official document record and submission requirements by federal and international courts, government institutions, and regulatory agencies such as SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), HHS (Department of Health and Human Services), USPTO (Patent and Trademark Office), CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration), and WTO (World Trade Organization).

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Legal Translations. Certified.

Legal Translations. Certified.

Do you need certified legal document translations for regulatory submissions or ligation support? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide certified translations for all types of legal documents such as affidavit, contract agreement, and privacy policy. Simply drag and drop your document files onto our online translation portal and specify the target language(s). Next, select Certified Translation (translation accuracy certificate) under Additional Information. Our system automatically works out a translation quote in real time. Upon your approval, our certified linguists are immediately assigned to begin translating. Download your translated document, as well as the Certificate of Accuracy, with the click of a button. Additionally, Stepes also provides courtroom interpretation services for both civil and criminal cases.

Certified Financial Translations

Certified Financial Translations

Do you need certified translations of financial documents for regulatory compliance or cross-border business transactions? Stepes provides certified translation services for a variety of financial documents such as bank statements, business contracts, financial audit reports, investment term sheets, and more. Our certified financial linguists specialize in all major disciplines within the financial services industry to provide both linguistically and technically accurate translations. Stepes owns one of the largest multilingual databases of financial services terminology with thousands of technical terms to help our financial translators deliver the most accurate language translations without sacrificing speed. To learn more about Stepes expert financial services translations, please click here.

Certified Medical Translation

Certified Medical Translation and Interpretation

Stepes provides ISO 13485:2016 certified translation services for our life science clients in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and the medical device industries. We have thousands of professional medical translators and bilingual subject matter experts to consistently deliver the highest level of language translation accuracy. We further support our medical linguists with industry leading translation technologies so they can confidently translate with speed. The world’s leading life science companies rely on Stepes for certified medical translations for a variety of clinical documents such as patient records, FDA submission documents, clinical trial studies, and medical patents. In addition to document translation, Stepes also provides medical interpretation services with our medically certified interpreters. To learn more about Stepes medical translation solutions, please click here.

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