Machine Translation (MT) Post Editing on Mobile

MT Post Editing Simplified

Stepes revolutionizes machine translation post-editing so reviewers (ICR) and subject matter experts can review and edit machine translation results efficiently on mobile devices, in addition to their desktop computers. With the rapid development of statistical MT engines powered by big data, machine translation post-editing services are increasingly becoming the standard process for translation and localization. The ability to allow human post-editing services on mobile devices promises both efficiency and scalability.

How It Works

How It Works

Stepes simplifies MT post-editing into an intuitive chat-based interface. A pair of sentences in the source and target language are shown in text bubbles for the linguist to review while changes are then entered into a 3rd bubble with a different color code. For reporting purposes, the human reviewer can also enter comments into a separate comment field. The entire process is similar to chatting on a mobile phone, making the process highly efficient for smartphone users.

Finally, A Scalable MT Post-Editing Solution

With mobile-based MT post-editing solutions, companies are finally able to achieve critical mass by executing large scale MT post-editing of machine translated content to meet enterprise demands on a global scale. Companies like Amazon and Facebook can finally translate all of their user generated content, as it is continuously being created, using the same crowd-sourced model that produced the original content.

For example, there are thousands of products added to Amazon’s platform in India. Stepes mobile translation solutions allows Amazon to simultaneously translate the product descriptions into all 23 major Indian languages with potentially thousands of Indian translators working from their smartphones.

Machine Translation (MT) Training

Case Study:
Machine Translation (MT) Training

One major factor affecting MT development is the availability of a large number of bilingual sentences to train computer algorithms (including the latest neural MT) to output quality results. However, the challenge of building such a large collection of quality translated sentences quickly is nearly impossible with conventional translation models. This is where Stepes’ Big Translation is needed to enable a large number of bilingual experts to simultaneously translate a vast number of sentences with speed and quality. Stepes is able to efficiently translate millions of sentences for MT training on-demand using thousands of pre-screened translators working seamlessly on their smartphones.


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