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Stepes can automatically translate PDF, Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), Excel (.xlsx), and much more.
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Automatic Document Translation Use Cases

There are many use cases to translate documents automatically. Here are some of the most common ones: to get a basic understanding of a foreign language document, to save on translation costs for non-critical documents, to translate super-fast, and to pre-process a document for machine translation post editing (MTPE).
Getting a quick understanding of foreign language documents

There are many reasons that a company may need to get a basic understanding of foreign language documents. For example, they may need to understand email communications, business proposals, technical documents, or legal contracts. By automatically translating these documents with 85%-95% accuracy, businesses can make informed decisions quickly without having to spend significant time and money on translating with professional human linguists.

Translation cost savings

Sometimes, companies have a limited budget for translating documents. While automatic document translations with AI are not perfect compared to professional human translations, their quality is considered acceptable for non-critical documents. Powered with the latest neural MT algorithms, Stepes’ automatic translation engine is ideal for translating customer support knowledgebase content and internal documents in real-time where 100% translation accuracy is not required.


Companies increasingly employ MTPE solutions to translate business or technical documents to achieve the highest level of linguistic accuracy while at the same time saving on translation costs. MTPE stands for machine translation post editing—a process that translates contents automatically before the results are proofread and edited by professional human translators. Stepes is a leader in providing expert MTPE services to a range of industry verticals.

Professional Document Translation

Need Professional Document Translation?

Are you looking for professional human translators to translate your documents with the highest linguistic accuracy and technical precision? Check out Stepes’ full-service document translation services.