Quality linguists are an integral part of the Stepes global team and we welcome their contributions and ideas to help Stepes grow into one of the fastest growing major brands in the translation world. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that in the next couple of weeks we will be launching our new point-based trial Reward Program for linguists that will reward our professionals with priority notifications for projects. Learn more below.

1. How to earn points

Linguists will be able to earn points on the platform by helping us spread the word about Stepes! You can achieve that by:

  • writing a blog post about Stepes (20-30 points)
  • writing good reviews of Stepes on general sites and translation community forums, leaving Stepes app comments, rating us on translation websites etc. (10-20 points)
  • sharing content from Stepes website on social media (5-10 points)
  • liking Stepes page on Facebook or adding Stepes on your LinkedIn (5 points)

2. How can you let us know about your contribution

You can let us know about your points-worthy actions by sending an email to linguists-initiatives@m.stepes.com. Please attach a proof of this action (i.e. a link or a screenshot), along with your Stepes account name and email. Our team will carefully review all contributions and upon approval, your point score will be updated and you will be notified via email about the change in your point balance. You can then check your point score in the “Points” section of your profile.

3. How to use your points

Once you earn your points, you do not need to take any further actions. When our system recognizes a project matching your qualification and profile information, you will receive a priority notification for it. 10 points will be subtracted from your point balance each time you accept the project offered through priority notification email.

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