Finally, Translating Your Tweets Around the Clock Is a Reality

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Translate your Twitter

Translate your Twitter

Stepes finally has the complete solution for translating your Tweets. Our Twitter application programming interface (API) is a seamless software solution for businesses and individuals who cater to a global audience on social media. Our worldwide network of human translators provides on-demand translation of your Tweet stream for a hassle-free and affordable method for translating your social media.

Our Twitter translation API will:

  • Translate an unlimited number of Tweets
  • Translate Tweets within the hour
  • Automatically repost Tweets to designated accounts
  • Set daily spending limits
  • Send regular progress reports to customers
  • Translate into 100+ languages

How It Works

Stepes Twitter translation service provides instant, around-the-clock human translation for your Tweets. Simply following these 3 easy “Stepes”:

  • 1. Sign up for Stepes Translation services using your Twitter account and link it to your international Twitter accounts.
  • 2. Set a daily translation spending limit on Stepes. This will tell Stepes to pause the translation once it reaches your spending limit and resume translation the next day.
  • 3. Enter your preferred payment method into our automatized payment system. No invoices or manual payments necessary!

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End-to-end translation solution

Simply select the Twitter accounts you would like translated and Stepes takes care of the rest. Our API automatically extracts the Tweets to be translated depending on your daily budget and sends them to our network of human translators working around the world. The translated Tweets are reposted to your selected account(s), or you can select to preview translations before posting. Users also can set daily limits on the translation spending, so you never have to worry about breaking the bank. A regular report is sent to daily users to keep you updated on your translation and spending. Stepes’ Twitter API manages the translation of your Tweets from start to finish so you never have to do anything more than continue Tweeting.

Why Translating Tweets Is a Must

Businesses increasingly market through social media channels, such as Twitter, to quickly reach customers for new product launches and service offerings. However, Tweets created in English usually stay in English, meaning people outside of the English-speaking world – such as China and Japan – never even see that information, resulting in lost business opportunities. Thus, translating Tweets in real time will allow businesses to beat their competition and get ahead faster in international markets.

Global Social Media

Global Social Media

Global businesses and cosmopolitan entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on social media to promote their services and products. Social media is one of the most effective marketing and public relations platforms in the digital age and quickly becoming an indispensable tool for global outreach. Stepes allows this kind of large-scale, user-generated content to be simultaneously translated at high quality into different languages in real time and on-demand.

Stepes Revolutionizes Translation

Continuous translation

Unlike traditional translation models, Stepes can translate a constant stream of content because of its mobile translation platform. By allowing bilingual linguists to translate from mobile in addition to desktops, Stepes is able to offer continuous translation services. Our technology will extract the content to be translated without any extra work on your part. Translation around the clock with the fastest turnaround speed in the industry means that you never have to stop either.

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