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Professional Translation Services—Fully Automated with APIs

Stepes (/’steps/) allows our clients to obtain faster, better, and simpler professional human translation services through APIs and achieve the highest possible internationalization ROI.  We’ve automated the entire translation workflow so companies can get their content translated with quality and speed, continuously.

Accurate Pharmacy Translations

Quality Translation Automation Made Easy

Are you looking for enterprise translation solutions with automated workflows that give you improved efficiency and scalability while ensuring the professional quality of human translators? Look no further than Stepes. We provide end-to-end project automation using Stepes’ RESTful APIs. Digital transformation compels businesses to respond to changing market demands by delivering digital content when and where customers need it, 24/7.  The ability to translate that information quickly (often by hours or even minutes, as opposed to days or weeks) enables companies to beat the competition and get ahead faster in global markets. Unfortunately, traditional translation workflows involve too many manual touch points that invariably slow down project turnaround while increasing cost. Stepes’ translation APIs solve these problems by automating the entire process of content handoff, quotation, project kick-off, linguist assignment, progress tracking, linguistic review, and final delivery, allowing our clients to realize undisrupted enterprise translation performance that is better than ever.

Using our translation APIs, companies can obtain professional human translation services without getting bogged down by manual, repetitive project management tasks. Simply sign up to obtain a Stepes API key, which gives you full access to a range of translation resources and services made available via API. You can integrate Stepes API calls into your content management system (CMS) to automatically send out and receive back text in need of translation. Meanwhile, the actual translation will always be performed by Stepes’ professional translators to ensure the highest level of quality. If you have limited internal resources, Stepes’ programming team can also provide custom development support. Our API-powered translation services are ideal for on-demand, continuous, DevOp, agile, and always-on translation requirements. Talk to one of our translation API consultants today to schedule a product demo.

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Translation API

Use Stepes Cloud Translation APIs to send content for translation, get price quotes, check project progress, and receive translated results automatically. Our Translation APIs can easily integrate with websites, CMS systems, and 3rd party software programs to automate human translations of digital information on a 27/4 and continuous basis.

Easy Set-up!

  1. Sign up for a Stepes enterprise account to receive a unique API key for your applications.
  2. Integrate Stepes translation API calls within your application.
  3. Start translating.

If you don’t have the engineering resources for translation API implementation, we can help. Just contact Stepes Support at

Translation API

Integrate On-demand Translation into Your Busienss Services

Does your global business operation require automated human translation solutions that deliver always-on, continuous, and quality language translations when and where your customers need them? Look no further than Stepes, the industry leader for next-gen, on-demand translation service APIs that easily integrate with your content management systems and software applications to deliver agile and hassle-free translations, around the clock and around the world.

Finally, global enterprises can take advantage of Stepes real-time translation API’s to support a variety of mission critical language translations such as continuous website side updates in all languages, real-time multilingual international customer support, agile software localization, and on-demand e-commerce translations. With Stepes’ industry first and patented mobile translation technology, we offer unrivaled translation speed and performance through our full set of RESTful APIs.

How It Works

How It Works

Modern translation requirements vary in scope and construct, but they all share one thing in common – they all need content translated (sending text that needs translating and then receiving translated results.) This unique arrangement allows for seamless process automation with translation API (application programming interface.) Stepes has developed powerful language service APIs that allow enterprise customers to easily create live translation projects on the cloud, assign translation tasks to our pre-approved human translators based on subject matter expertise, monitor progress, and receive the translated results. The entire translation workflow is now fully automated with APIs to eliminate slow manual human touch points and ensure the fastest turnaround time. The only exception is the linguistic translation which is still completed by our experienced human linguists.

Simply sign up for a Stepes enterprise account to receive a unique API key for your applications. Next, integrate Stepes translation API calls within your application. Finally, start translating. If you don’t have the engineering resources to take care of the simple translation API integration, we can help. Just contact Stepes Support.

Benefits of Stepes Translation API

By automating the traditional labor-intensive translation process with Stepes APIs, businesses can now achieve faster and more consistent translation deliveries at reduced costs. Furthermore, Stepes online translation model leverages the cloud to help enterprises scale-up human translation services to meet the rapidly changing multilingual content requirements brought on by the modern global digital economy. Our translation API’s make the entire translation process simpler, faster and more cost effective.


  • Achieve near real-time human translation services for today’s digital, agile content delivery requirements.
  • Ensure content consistency across languages for frequently updated content such as websites and modern app localization.
  • Reduce time to market and grow faster in international markets.
  • Achieve translation scalability while ensuring linguistic accuracy and quality.
  • Gain competitive advantage by localizing your products and services at lower costs.
  • Leverage AI for the best translation optimization and performance.

Simplicity Speed Scale

Simplicity. Speed. Scale.

Stepes translation API’s are all about simplicity. Simply sign up for a Stepes enterprise account to receive your unique API key. Next, easily integrate Stepes real-time human translation services into your own content development workflows.

Stepes is the first to support human translation services on mobile devices, allowing our global network of pre-approved linguists to be instantly notified of new translation requests and then enabling them to directly translate on mobile straightaway in addition to desktop computers. As a result, Stepes rivals the performance of machine translation (like Google Translate) for speed and scalability, but with human linguistic quality. Stepes now simplifies professional human translation services by automating the entire language localization lifecycle with our full set of RESTful APIs.

Translation API Use Cases

Continuous Website Translation

Continuous Website Translation

Use our APIs to automatically translate website updates on a continuous basis so your localized content always stays current with the source.

Salesforce Translation Automation

Salesforce Translation Automation

Use our client-side APIs to automate translation of your marketing content, allowing your sales team to communicate with your global customers in real time.

Agile Software Localization

Agile Software Localization

Need your software strings translated on-demand within an iterative process? No problem. Stepes API’s are designed for agile translations of all your software content.

UGC and Social Media

UGC and Social Media

Stepes APIs are best for automating translation of new economy content such as social media posts and user generated content for a variety of applications.

International Customer Support

International Customer Support

Use our translation APIs to obtain just-in-time translation services for your global customer support requirements in over 100 languages.

Multilingual Knowledge Base

Multilingual Knowledge Base

Ensure your product knowledge base stays up-to-date for all languages to create the best international customer experience.


Continuous Translation

The digital transformation means corporate content is created and published non-stop, around the clock. The ability to translate digital information fast and uninterrupted will enable businesses to beat the competition by accelerating time-to-market on a global scale. Take advantage of Stepes translation APIs today and grow international revenue with confidence.

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Just In Time Translation

Agile development methodologies are disrupting all major industry fields by enabling faster and more cost-effective R&D. The world’s leading companies rely on Stepes translation APIs to obtain just-in-time human translation services when and where they need them for the best efficiency and optimal business outcomes in all countries around the world.

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Automated Translation

By removing unnecessary human interactions, Stepes translation API’s streamline the localization process for maximum efficiency, resulting in improved consistency, speed, and reduced overall translation costs.

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Social Media Translation

Our APIs support hassle-free translations of Facebook, Twitter and all other user generated content. Just sign up for a Stepes enterprise account and begin translating.

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What is API?

API or application programing interface is a common software solution that allows different computer programs and applications to talk to one another in order to take advantage of business services provided by 3rd party applications. API is a standalone software code or function that can be interfaced with other software applications developed using a variety of programming languages and platforms. In the case of Stepes translation APIs, enterprise applications such as CMS (content management system), e-commerce websites, and salesforce support platforms can obtain real-time and on-demand human language translation services via API calls.

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