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Premier Language Translation Services for Educational Institutions

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) helps American colleges, universities, academic institutions and high schools deliver international success with the best language translation services in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and 100 other languages.

Professional Education Translations

Professional Education Translations for International Success

Are you an educational institution or public-school district with international student enrollment and need to translate your website, academic transcripts, or class materials into Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and other languages? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide on-demand and accurate education translation services between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Korean, and 100 other languages for the nation’s top academic institutions and vocational schools. Whether you need to translate your school’s website, marketing literature, parent consent forms, or student handbooks, Stepes is your one stop solution for fast and professional education translation services.

More and more U.S. colleges, universities, and high schools are developing courses and academic programs to attract international students from China, India, and other Asian and European countries. However, to effectively communicate with prospective foreign students and their parents overseas, schools must translate their websites, course introductions, and marketing materials into the target languages with quality and speed. This is why you need Stepes. We have the experience, best-in-class localization processes, and linguistic resources to deliver top notch language solutions that are second to none. We have a large team of professional native translators and subject matter experts who specialize in translating academic subjects with the highest level of linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity. Stepes leads the language industry with next-gen translation technology solutions that help the nation’s top colleges and universities deliver the best international student experience across languages.

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Accurate Academic Translation Services

Accurate Academic Translation Services

Our highly experienced educational linguists and multilingual subject matter experts are skilled at translating a variety of academic content for U.S. colleges, and universities, as well as public and private high schools.

  • School Websites
  • Student Consent Forms
  • Parent Consent Forms
  • Master’s Thesis
  • Research Papers
  • New Student Orientation Materials
  • Training Presentations
  • Transcripts
  • Diploma
  • Immigration and Visa Applications
  • Research Reports
  • School Proposals
  • International Exchange Agreements
  • Syllabus

Our Educational Clients

Stepes is proud to provide expert language translation services to a large number of academic institutions in the U.S. and around the world. The following is an ever-growing list of educational clients we serve.

Academic Subjects Translation

We Translate for All Academic Subjects

Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional native linguists and subject matter experts who specialize in translating for a variety of academic disciplines and fields. Whether you need translation services for medical schools, law schools, or finance institutions, we have the experience, best-in-class processes, and cutting-edge technology solutions to ensure the highest level of linguistic quality and localization efficiency. We’re so confident you’ll like our education translation services that we offer you complete satisfaction and 30-day risk-free guarantee. The following is a list of professional schools we serve.

  • Engineering Schools
  • Medical Schools
  • Business Schools
  • Law Schools
  • Veterinary Schools
  • Science Universities
  • Pharmacy Schools
  • Dental schools
  • Liberal Arts Colleges

On Campus Language Interpretation

On Campus Language Interpretation

The modern teaching methodology emphasizes joint teacher-parent efforts at school and at home in order for students to achieve their highest academic potential. As such, schools often conduct parent meetings to go over student progress reports and various academic activities. For international and immigrant student families, language interpretation is often necessary to ensure the most effective two-way communication. In fact, many U.S. publish school districts are required by law to provide language interpretation services to students’ parents who don’t speak English. Stepes provides both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation on-site and remotely over the phone (OPI). To schedule an on-campus interpretation service now for your school, please click here.

How It Works

How It Works

Stepes has greatly simplified education translation services for colleges and universities by moving the entire localization workflow online. Simply drag and drop your files onto our cloud portal, specify the languages, and see how easy it is to get them translated by Stepes professional linguists. Click the button below to see a video tutorial on how to get educational content translated for your college or university.

PTranslation for Study Abroad Programs

Translation for Study Abroad Programs

Is your school involved with sending students to study abroad in Germany, China, Japan, or other international locations? Chances are you need to translate a variety of program materials between English and the target languages. Stepes has experience translating marketing materials, terms and conditions, medical authorizations, and release forms for exchange programs, faculty directed programs, partnership programs, and global intensive experience programs.

University Translations in 100+ Languages

Stepes provides expert education translation services between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Korean, English and Vietnamese, English and Arabic, and 100 other languages.

Amharic (AM)
Australian English (AE)
Azerbaijani (AZ)
Basque (EU)
Belarusian (BE)
Bihari (BH)
Bosnian (BS)
Breton (BR)
Catalan (CA)
Chinese, Hong Kong (ZH)
Chinese, Traditional (ZT)
Faroese (FO)
Galician (GL)
Guarani (GN)
Gujarati (GU)
Latin (LA)
Latvian (LV)
Macedonian (MK)
Malagasy (MG)
Malayalam (ML)
Marathi (MR)
Moldavian (MO)
Montenegrin (ME)
Nepali (NE)
Pashto (PS)
Portuguese (PT)
Punjabi (PA)
Scots Gaelic (GD)
Serbian (SR)
Sesotho (ST)
Shona (SN)
Tajik (TG)
Tanchangya (TC)
Tibetan (BO)
Tonga (TO)
Uighur (UG)
Valencian (VA)
Welsh (CY)
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Multilingual Terminology Management for Education

Multilingual Terminology Management for Education

Colleges and universities use many highly specialized vernacular and technical terms that must be accurately and consistently translated across all documents and languages. Unplanned, ad hoc approaches to language translations doesn’t have the systematic processes and technical solutions to deliver the best results. Stepes is a leader in professional terminology management and we help U.S. schools and educational institutions proactively develop multilingual academic glossaries for higher education using our wiki-based terminology platform. To learn more about Stepes full-service terminology management capabilities, please click here.

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