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Stepes (pronounced /steps/) provides fast and accurate Thai translation services to leading enterprises in life sciences, financial, manufacturing, legal, and technology industries.

Our Thai Translation Services

World’s Top Companies Rely on Our Thai Translation Services

Stepes is an ISO 9001 certified translation company delivering professional and enterprise grade Thai translation services to some of the world’s most successful businesses. We’re one of the fastest growing language services providers (LSP) providing a full spectrum of quality Thai translation and localization solutions covering product documentation, website, software, video, voice, and in-person interpretation. Stepes is powered by the world’s largest team of professional native translators who specialize in our customers’ industries to provide technically accurate translations that are second to none. Our next-generation cloud-based translation management system is what separates Stepes from legacy language service companies for unrivaled Thai localization efficiency and scalability.

Accurate Thai Translations. Achieved.

Our highly-trained Thai translators and language subject matter experts are experienced at translating a variety of business content from product manuals and software online help, to training courses and legal contracts. Stepes owns one of the largest English-Thai terminology databases with thousands of technical terms in medicine, finance, technology, law, and government so our Thai linguists can ensure the best linguistic accuracy. Stepes cloud-powered translation management system is able to automatically check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in real time while our linguists are translating, resulting in significantly improved translation efficiency and scalability. Stepes also uses machine learning to enhance translation memories so previously translated sentences can be leveraged dynamically for linguistic consistency and reduced localization cost.

  • Product Documentation
  • Owner’s Manuals
  • Ecommerce Content
  • Training Courses
  • Legal Documents
  • Financial Reports
  • Clinical Studies
  • Information for Use (IFU)
  • Medical Device Manuals
  • Regulatory Submission
  • Patient Information
  • Common Technical Document (CTD)
  • Websites
  • Software & Mobile Apps
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Translation
  • Release Notes
  • Videos

Thai Translation Review

Thai Translation Review Made Easy

For many businesses, linguistic review has always been a major bottleneck for professional localization services. Traditional Thai translation reviews involve checking translation accuracy using Excel or Word tables which is not only tedious and time consuming, but makes the entire linguistic validation process hard to manage. Typically, these offline static files are passed between the translation company and the client’s regional language reviewers or subject matter experts (SMEs) through email messages. Another challenge with bilingual tables is the linguistic validation is done without context, which can introduce new translation errors on its own. Lastly, changes and revisions are hard to implement in both the translated document and the final translation memory. This is why the Stepes game-changing online Thai translation review innovation is such a game changer.

Stepes has drastically simplified linguistic review onto our modern online translation management system. Since our online review portal is cloud based, it can be accessed by Thai translators and reviewers in real time from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need to communicate linguistic review comments and changes with static files. More importantly, our powerful online linguistic review dashboard is able to allow reviewers to edit translations with context and formatting layout in place. Changes are automatically updated to the online translation workbench for our Thai linguists to further review and accept (or rebuttal.) A major advantage of this approach is that all linguistic changes are automatically captured in the final bilingual TM so the same issues will not resurface in future projects.

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Order Thai Translations from Your App

Finally, Order Thai Translations from Your App

Stepes is the undisputed leader in next-gen mobile translation solutions. Download our world leading human translation app from Google Play or the Apple App Store today to enjoy unprecedented freedom and flexibility for all your Thai document translation needs. Simply select the documents you wish to translate from your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive to receive an instant English to Thai translation quote. Upon your confirmation, our Thai linguists will immediately start translating anytime and anywhere on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Thai Financial Translation Services

Thai Financial Translation Services

Thailand currently ranks No.1 for internet banking services, and second for users owning cryptocurrency. This speaks volume about the huge market potential for global banking and financial services industries have in the country, generating tremendous demand for Thai translation services. Stepes has expert experience translating for banking, investment, insurance, as well as corporate accounting requirements between English and Thai. Our online translation platform allows our financial clients to centrally manage all of their language translation activities on the cloud, giving them the power to conduct financial operations across languages efficiently. Furthermore, our clients can easily search multilingual documents using Thai or English text, financial terminology, metadata, or custom attributes. Stepes uses the best professional Thai translators with specialized trainings in financial services to work on all of our financial translation projects. To learn more about Stepes full-service financial translation solutions, please click here.

Thai Medical Translation Services

Thai Medical Translation Services

Are you looking for an ISO 9001 certified company to translate your life science content between English and Thai with linguistic accuracy and speed? Than look no further than Stepes. Stepes provides ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified medical translation services to top pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO, and biotech companies. We translate all types of medical content including medical device manuals, clinical research studies, regulatory submission documents, and common technical document (CTD) for clinical trials. Stepes mature life science translation methodologies are further supported by our AI-powered translation management system for unrivaled localization performance for English to Thai and Thai to English medical translation services. To learn more about Stepes medical translation solutions, please click here.

Thai Language

Thai Language Q&A

Thai (ภาษาไทย) is spoken by some 66 million people around the world, it’s the national language of Thailand. Thai is also spoken in parts of Laos and among immigrants in the USA, UAE, Singapore, and Midway Islands. The Thai alphabet is derived from Khmer. Unlike other alphabet-based languages, Thai sentences do not have spaces between words, but only at the end of each sentence. The Thai language has 44 consonants and 15 vowels.

Thai Ecommerce Translations

Thai Ecommerce Translations

Thailand is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of e-commerce and mobile commerce development, with 80% of internet users who have made purchases online. However, to ensure ecommerce success in Thailand, companies must localize their online content to in order to create the best customer experience. Stepes has developed comprehensive e-commerce translation solutions that provide our clients with automated and continuous human translation solutions using APIs. Stepes is also the first company to provide mobile translation services which are ideal for translating product descriptions with scale. Talk to our sales today for an enterprise-grade ecommerce translation solution. Click here to learn more about Stepes ecommerce translation services.

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