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Stepes (pronounced /steps/) helps companies engage international customers with the best Romanian translation services. Our on-demand and high-quality English-Romanian translations are trusted by leading businesses in medical, financial, e-commerce, and manufacturing industries worldwide.

Better Romanian Translation Services

Simpler, Faster & Better Romanian Translation Services

Are you looking for a reputable language localization agency to provide fast and professional Romanian translation services to support your international expansion? Then look no further than Stepes—the birthplace of the world’s 400 major languages. Pronounced exactly like the word “steps” we help hundreds of companies in pharmaceutical, financial, technology, legal, and manufacturing industries achieve greater success in international markets across languages and one step at a time. Driven by our cloud-powered, agile language technologies, Stepes delivers fast and accurate Romanian translations that are second to none.

You’ve invested tons of time and money in your business operations abroad, the last thing you want is to rely on an average translation company that slows down your international growth. Poor quality translations tarnish your global brand, and inefficient project executions prolong time-to-market, leading to lost market opportunities that can take years to recover. This is why you need Stepes. We employ the most qualified professional Romanian translators with deep subject matter expertise in a variety of industries to deliver the highest level of linguistic accuracy. Powered with our next-gen AI enabled translation management technologies, Stepes provides the most efficient Romanian translation services the language industry has ever seen.

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Finally, Online Romanian Translations You Can Trust

The Internet has transformed numerous industries, and professional language translation services are moving online. However, not all online translation solutions are built equally. There are some online translation companies that hope to make a quick buck translating just because they’re able to set up an e-commerce website. However, these companies lack the language industry experience and deep localization know-how to consistently deliver translations that global brands depend on for international success. This is why Stepes is a game changer. Born with the language services DNA, Stepes effectively combines translation best practices with highly efficient, technology-driven online translation methodologies to raise language service performance to a whole new level. We’ve simplified professional Romanian translation services to the following three simple steps:







Romanian Document Translations

Romanian Document Translations

Stepes has developed automated document translation solutions to efficiently process Word, PDF, InDesign, PowerPoint, and XLIFF documents for medical, financial, legal, manufacturing, and technology industries. Our modern AI-powered document management system automatically extracts your content from all types of files, leverages existing translation memories, and creates bilingual English-Romain glossaries. Next, Stepes builds an online localization kit so our native professional Romanian linguists can best translate with accuracy, using a fraction of the time other translation companies require. Upon initial translation completion, our intelligent multilingual document parsing machine automatically creates the translated document with layout using XML instructions. This allows our linguists to review the translated words in context online. Our linguists can directly edit translated sentences while proofreading the translated content. Next, Stepes outputs the final documents for the client to download with the click of a button.

Romanian Translation Quality

Romanian Translation Quality. Assured

A good approach to ensure Romanian translation quality is to employ the most experienced native Romanian linguists with subject matter expertise to translate your content. Localization best practices require the translation agency to provide these linguists with translation style guides, terminology glossaries, and other reference materials to ensure the best linguistic outcome. At Stepes, we also require our linguists to possess strong technical writing skills to ensure the best readability of the translated sentences. While verbatim or literal translations may be accurate, they lack the fluency and cultural nuances to engage the reader, leading to poor audience experience. For marketing content, our linguists also use a process called transcreation to ensure the translated materials truly resonate with the readers. At the same time, we employ AI-powered translation technologies that automatically check for grammar, spelling, terminology, and other translation errors to help our professional Romanian linguists achieve excellent linguistic output with efficiency. In addition to translation errors, our intelligent translation system is able to suggest synonyms/antonyms, enforce term consistency, and verify the gender of nouns and verbs (masculine, feminine, neuter.)


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Romanian Translation Pricing

Stepes provides one of the most competitive rates for English to Romanian and Romanian to English translations. We’ve eliminated much of the unneeded manual work associated with processing standard documents throughout the translation process such as quotation, file preparation, translation management, invoicing and billing. For more complex projects, our dedicated project managers will work with you to develop the most efficient translation solutions.

Our Romanian Translation Workflow

English Documents Upload to Stepes Automatic Quotation Customer Confirmation Dedicated Romanian Linguists Linguistic Review Post Processing/DTP Translated Romanian Documents Customer Download

Romanian Medical Translations

Romanian Medical Translations

Stepes is an ISO 13485:2016 certified Translation Company. We provide expert life science translations in Romanian for pharmaceutical, medical device, and CRO companies that meet our clients’ turnaround time and budget requirements. Stepes translates all types of medical content from English into Romanian and Romanian into English, including drug information sheets, medical device manuals, clinical studies, and regulatory submission documents. We understand the importance of linguistic accuracy to our life science customers’ bottom line. This is why we’ve developed stringent quality assurance processes to deliver technically accurate medical translations between English and Romanian consistently.

Romanian Ecommerce Translations

Romanian E-commerce Translation

Regardless if your company is in the business of selling food products, cosmetics, or clothes, chances are your customers are increasingly purchasing online. Stepes helps the world’s leading e-commerce companies localize their online marketplace into Romanian and other central and eastern European languages with quality and speed. Stepes patented on-demand, and continuous translation solutions are perfectly engineered for quality e-commerce translations at scale. We make it easy for our customers to send and receive translation content via our highly autonomous APIs.

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