Professional Legal Translation Services in 100 Languages

Stepes (pronounced ‘steps’) offers professional legal translation services in more than 100 languages, serving top law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies worldwide. Our expertise spans diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and oil & gas. We empower our clients to excel in the global legal services market with accurate legal document translations, tailored to meet the unique challenges of each industry.

Professional Human Linguists

Professional Human Linguists

Legal Domain Expertise

Legal Domain Expertise

Quality and Speed

Quality and Speed

5 Star Service

5 Star Service

Accurate Technical Translations

Accurate Legal Translations You Can Trust

Are you a law firm or in-house legal team looking to translate your legal documents, websites, or litigation support materials with accuracy and speed? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide certified legal translation services in Spanish, German, Chinese, and 100 other languages. The legal services field is going through major transformations toward multidisciplinary, cross-border, and technology-enabled solutions. Stepes has a large team of professional legal translators and subject matter experts experienced at translating legal materials, as well as financial services, regulatory compliance, cyber security, and technology contents with the highest level of linguistic quality and technical precision.

Consistent, quality legal translations increasingly depend on the successful integration of modern digital technologies within the translation process. Stepes is a leader in next-gen language innovation that allows our clients to leverage translation memory (previously translated content) on the cloud for improved linguistic consistency and turnaround time, while reducing localization costs. Our AI-powered translation management system automates many unneeded manual touch points so the entire legal translation process is optimized for the best localization outcomes. Stepes proprietary in-context translation solution fundamentally changes the dynamics of language translation for unrivaled legal localization performance.

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Industry-Specific Legal Translation Services

At Stepes, we understand that legal translation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different industries have unique terminologies, regulations, and requirements. Our specialized legal translation services are tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, ensuring linguistic precision and legal compliance.


In the complex world of finance, accuracy is paramount. Stepes provides comprehensive legal translations for financial documents, including regulatory compliance reports, financial contracts, and investment agreements. Our translators are not just linguists – they're experts in financial terminology and regulations, ensuring your translations are accurate and compliant with international financial laws.


The fast-paced tech sector requires up-to-date and accurate legal translations to keep up with its rapid evolution. Whether it's software licensing agreements, privacy policies, or patent applications, Stepes has the expertise to deliver precise translations that reflect the latest in tech jargon and intellectual property law.


In healthcare, the stakes are high and the terminology is complex. Our translators specialize in healthcare legal documents such as clinical trial agreements, patient consent forms, and regulatory compliance documents. We ensure that all translations are precise, compliant with healthcare laws, and sensitive to the specialized language of the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Energy and Utilities

The energy sector, spanning oil, gas, renewable energy, and utilities, faces unique legal challenges. Stepes translates a range of legal documents, from exploration agreements to regulatory compliance documents, ensuring they meet industry-specific legal standards.

Manufacturing and Industrial

In manufacturing and industrial sectors, legal documents range from product liability agreements to industrial patents. Our team is equipped to handle these diverse needs, ensuring every translation meets the specific legal requirements of the manufacturing and industrial landscape.

Retail and E-commerce

For the retail and e-commerce sectors, legal translations cover a variety of documents, from supplier agreements to consumer rights policies. Stepes ensures that these translations are accurate, legally compliant, and tailored to the retail and e-commerce markets.


The automotive industry requires precise translations of compliance documentation, manufacturing agreements, and intellectual property documents. Stepes’ translators combine their legal expertise with specific knowledge of the automotive sector to provide accurate and compliant translations.

Real Estate

The real estate industry involves a multitude of legal documents, from lease agreements to property acquisition contracts. Stepes’ translators combine their legal expertise with real estate knowledge to provide translations that are not only legally accurate but also aligned with the specific real estate terminologies and practices of different regions.

Entertainment and Media

Legal translations in entertainment and media include copyright agreements, licensing deals, and regulatory compliance documents. Stepes handles these with the necessary flair and attention to the unique aspects of media law.


For the telecommunications industry, we offer translations of regulatory documents, service agreements, and patent applications, ensuring they are in line with the specific legal frameworks of the telecom sector.

Commitment to Excellence

Across all industries, Stepes maintains a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our translators are selected for their industry-specific expertise and their deep understanding of the legal language in each sector. Coupled with our advanced translation technology and strict quality control processes, we deliver translations that you can trust, every time.

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Meet Our Legal Translation Clients

Stepes is proud to serve the legal translation needs of many law firms and corporate legal teams. The following is just a small list of our legal customers.

Constellation Law Group, PLLC
EH Law Group, PLLC
Haug Partners
Hodges Doughty & Carson, PLLC
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Burns & Severson, P.A.

The Authority in Legal Document Translation

The Authority in Legal Document Translation

Stepes’ multilingual legal SMEs and certified linguists understand the importance of linguistic precision and regulatory compliance to our clients’ legal document translation needs. We have the localization experience, best-in-class processes, and industry-leading language technologies to deliver the most consistent, articulate legal translations that help our clients stay ahead of the competition in international markets. Stepes translates all of the following legal documents and more.

General Legal Documents

  • Affidavits
  • Evidentiary documents
  • Litigation support materials
  • Briefs
  • Depositions
  • Transcripts
  • Client billings and time sheets
  • Correspondence
  • Evidence books
  • Preprinted documents
  • Judgments/memoranda
  • Motions, pleadings and petitions
  • Opinions
  • Stipulations
  • Legal services brochures
  • Attorney profile sheets
  • Legal newsletters

Corporate Legal Documents

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Business contracts
  • Prospectuses and public offerings
  • Bylaws and resolutions
  • Corporate agreements and transactions
  • Merger and acquisition agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use
  • License agreements
  • Trademark applications
  • PCT patents

Family and Estate Law Documents

  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Petitions for adoption
  • Petitions for divorce or annulment
  • Petitions for custody
  • Consent forms
  • Wills
  • Trust agreements
  • Codicils

Legal Translation Automation

Legal Translation Automation

The language industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift—from offline, manual workflows towards online, technology-driven translation processes that deliver leaner, faster, and better translation solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, translation automation, document OCR, translation memory, dynamic terminology, and real-time in-context linguistic review technologies are fundamentally changing the way legal translation services are performed for unrivaled efficiency and scalability. This is why you need Stepes, we’re the leader in next-gen, agile, and on-demand translation technologies that help our legal clients stay ahead of the competition and conduct global business operations with confidence and improved bottom line.

At Stepes, we’ve developed the industry’s leading legal translation automation solutions that fundamentally redefines language translation so it’s simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. Our intelligent document processing algorithms use OCR, artificial intelligence to extract content from your files automatically, leverage translation memory on the cloud, and provide you with accurate translation quotes instantly. Our AI-powered translation management system automatically assigns the best linguists with the matching legal subject matter expertise to translate your legal content 24/7. Our cloud-based document management system allows you to search multilingual documents anytime and anywhere, securely. Talk to one of our legal translation consults today and see how Stepes can help turn your legal translation spend into strategic investment for global success.

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Comprehensive Legal Translation Services by Stepes

Corporate Law Translation Services

Stepes delivers precise corporate legal translation services in multiple language pairs, including English to Spanish, English to Chinese, and English to French, among others. Our services cover a broad spectrum of corporate legal documents such as articles of incorporation, business contracts, tax documents, securities and antitrust materials, product licenses, intellectual property patents, and labor, employment, and immigration documents. Our team of expert legal linguists and localization professionals ensures that corporate lawyers and legal counsels receive accurate translations, aiding them in navigating the complexities of international business law effectively.

Intellectual Property Translation

In the globalized marketplace, protecting intellectual property rights is paramount. Stepes collaborates with IP law firms to provide translations for patents, trademarks, and copyrights in key languages like Chinese, German, Japanese, and Korean. Our translators, with their dual expertise in technical disciplines and legal frameworks, facilitate the safeguarding of technological innovations and creative works. Learn More About Stepes’ Intellectual Property Translation Solutions

Environmental Law Translation

Stepes provides specialized environmental law translation services, crucial for accurately interpreting federal regulations, international treaties, and legislations in various languages. Our extensive team of translators specializes in environmental law, adept at translating pollution control and resource conservation materials. We streamline the translation process for efficient and accurate online translations, supporting your environmental protection initiatives.

Healthcare Law Translation

As a leader in health and medical localization, Stepes offers expert legal translations for healthcare law content in over 100 languages. Our experience spans medical malpractice, patient rights cases, and more, ensuring consistency and precision in translations with the latest AI-powered translation technologies. We blend linguistic expertise with technical know-how to deliver superior healthcare law translation services.

Privacy Policy Translation for GDPR Compliance

In response to the EU’s GDPR requirements, Stepes provides essential legal translation services for privacy policies. We ensure that your privacy statements are translated accurately for EU markets, encompassing all 24 EU languages. Our translations help companies comply with GDPR by effectively communicating how consumer data is gathered, used, and managed in various languages. Click here to learn more about Stepes GDPR translation solutions.

Patent Translation

In the global marketplace, securing intellectual property rights is critical. Stepes leads in patent translation, essential for protecting inventions in international markets. Given the complex technical nature of patents, which require both subject matter expertise and legal proficiency, ordinary translation services often fall short. Stepes stands out with its experienced team, capable of delivering linguistic accuracy and technical precision. Our clients rely on us for comprehensive international patent protection across languages and regions. Learn More About Our Expert Patent Translation Solutions

Multilingual Litigation Support

Stepes offers robust multilingual litigation support, essential for international legal disputes. We partner with litigation teams to facilitate e-discovery in transnational cases, providing on-demand, high-quality translations of documents, images, videos, and audio materials at competitive rates. Our services are tailored to streamline the complexities of multilingual litigation, ensuring effective communication and legal success. To learn more about Stepes’ litigation support translation services, please click here.

Legal Translation for Compliance and Regulatory Documents

Navigating the complexities of compliance and regulatory documentation in multiple languages is a challenge faced by many businesses. Stepes provides precise translations of compliance manuals, regulatory filings, and legal guidelines to ensure your business adheres to international standards and regulations, mitigating legal risks in foreign markets. To learn more about Stepes’ compliance translation services, please click here.

Legal Translation for Mergers and Acquisitions

In mergers and acquisitions, clear and accurate communication is key. Stepes delivers expert translation services for M&A documents, including due diligence reports, shareholder agreements, and financial disclosures. We ensure that all parties understand the legal nuances of these critical transactions, regardless of language barriers.

Legal Document Review and Translation for E-Discovery

Our specialized legal translation services extend to e-discovery, where we offer document review and translation. Stepes assists legal teams in sifting through vast amounts of data in multiple languages, ensuring relevant information is accurately translated and presented for legal proceedings. To learn more about Stepes’ professional e-discovery translation solutions, please click here.

Translation for International Arbitration

Stepes supports clients in international arbitration cases by providing precise translations of arbitration agreements, legal briefs, and evidentiary documents. Our linguistic experts ensure that all translations uphold the legal integrity required in arbitration settings.

Cybersecurity Translated Right in 100 Languages

Professional Legal Translations Across 100+ Languages

Leveraging our extensive network of skilled legal translators, Stepes offers unparalleled legal translation services in over 100 languages, covering all major European, Asian, Latin American, and many African languages. Our expertise ensures precision and cultural relevance in every legal translation, meeting the diverse needs of our global clientele.

  • Arabic (AR)
  • Chinese, Simplified (ZS)
  • Czech (CS)
  • Danish (DA)
  • Dutch (NL)
  • English (EN)
  • English, UK (UE)
  • Finnish (FI)
  • French (FR)
  • German (DE)
  • Italian (IT)
  • Japanese (JA)
  • Korean (KO)
  • Norwegian (NO)
  • Polish (PL)
  • Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)
  • Russian (RU)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Swedish (SV)
  • Thai (TH)
  • Vietnamese (VI)
  • Afrikaans (AF)
  • Albanian (SQ)
  • Amharic (AM)
  • Armenian (HY)
  • Azerbaijani (AZ)
  • Basque (EU)
  • Belarusian (BE)
  • Bengali (BN)
  • Bhutanese (BT)
  • Bihari (BH)
  • Bosnian (BS)
  • Breton (BR)
  • Bulgarian (BG)
  • Burmese (MY)
  • Catalan (CA)
  • Chinese, Hong Kong (ZH)
  • Chinese, Traditional (ZT)
  • Croatian (HR)
  • English, Australian (AE)
  • English, Canadian (CE)
  • Estonian (ET)
  • Faroese (FO)
  • Filipino (TL)
  • French, Canadian (CF)
  • Frisian (FY)
  • Galician (GL)
  • Georgian (KA)
  • Greek (EL)
  • Guarani (GN)
  • Gujarati (GU)
  • Hausa (HA)
  • Hawaiian (HW)
  • Hebrew (IW)
  • Hindi (HI)
  • Hungarian (HU)
  • Icelandic (IS)
  • Igbo (IG)
  • Indonesian (ID)
  • Interlingua (IA)
  • Irish (GA)
  • Javanese (JW)
  • Kannada (KN)
  • Kashmiri (KS)
  • Kazakh (KK)
  • Khmer (KM)
  • Kirundi (RN)
  • Kurdish (KU)
  • Laothian (LO)
  • Latin (LA)
  • Latvian (LV)
  • Lingala (LN)
  • Lithuanian (LT)
  • Luganda (LG)
  • Macedonian (MK)
  • Malagasy (MG)
  • Malay (MS)
  • Malayalam (ML)
  • Maltese (MT)
  • Maori (MI)
  • Marathi (MR)
  • Moldavian (MO)
  • Mongolian (MN)
  • Montenegrin (ME)
  • Nepali (NE)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (NN)
  • Pashto (PS)
  • Persian (FA)
  • Persian, Dari (DR)
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Punjabi (PA)
  • Romanian (RO)
  • Rwandan (RW)
  • Scots Gaelic (GD)
  • Serbian (SR)
  • Sesotho (ST)
  • Shona (SN)
  • Slovak (SK)
  • Slovenian (SL)
  • Somali (SO)
  • Spanish, Latin American (XL)
  • Sundanese (SU)
  • Swahili (SW)
  • Tajik (TG)
  • Tamil (TA)
  • Tanchangya (TC)
  • Telugu (TE)
  • Tibetan (BO)
  • Tonga (TO)
  • Tswana (TN)
  • Turkish (TR)
  • Uighur (UG)
  • Ukrainian (UK)
  • Urdu (UR)
  • Uzbek (UZ)
  • Valencian (VA)
  • Welsh (CY)
  • Yiddish (YI)
  • Yoruba (YO)
  • Zulu (ZU)
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