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Stepes delivers the fastest online translation services, allowing you to receive professional translation services in minutes, literally! No other language translating agencies come close. Our game-changing mobile translator services notify our linguists instantly of your translation requests and allow them to immediately translate anywhere and anytime, from both mobile device or desktop computers.

The digital economy has transformed many industries and demand for translation services is shifting online. Businesses now need leaner and more agile online translation services to meet their 21st century translation requirements. Next generation online language service providers like Stepes that combine quality translation services with process automation are poised to meet this growing translation demand.

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Simplifying Translation

Stepes is a leading online translation company providing global enterprises with quality translation services around the clock and the world. We have automated every step of the localization cycle (file analysis, quotation, translator assignment, linguistic review, job delivery, invoicing and billing) to deliver the best customer experience. Our online localization ecosystem is designed to ensure the most efficient execution of your translation projects with quality and agility. Traditional localization processes involve too many human touch points, resulting in lost translation efficiency and, all too often, missed project deadlines. By removing many of these costly human touch points, we are able to deliver one of the most efficient and affordable translation services to our clients.

Stepes is more than just an online translation service, it’s also the world’s first mobile translation solution allowing our large network of linguists to be instantly notified of new project requests. This enables them to immediately translate anywhere and anytime through their smartphones or computers. Stepes delivers a variety of real-time translation services with the fastest turnaround times within the localization industry.

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Translation Process Automation

Translation Automation

Real-time Project Tracking

Real-time Project Tracking

With Stepes, it’s easy to obtain up-to-the-minute project updates by logging into your project dashboard to view the progress of your translations in each target language. Since Stepes is a mobile centric translation ecosystem, you can track the progress of your projects anywhere and anytime through your smartphone. No other online translation services company comes close to giving you so much visibility and flexibility for your translation projects.

Transparent Work Environment

Transparent Work Environment

Stepes is a highly transparent system so you not only can view the percentage of words translated at any time, you can also see and interact live with translators working on your projects. Our unique transparent project management approach drives translator performance and accountability, and ensures better and more proactive communication. At the end of each project, you can rate your translator’s performance to help ensure quality. With MyTranslator, your ratings help us to build you a dedicated linguistic team for continuous quality and language consistency.

How It Works

Simply visit our New Project page to upload files or enter text you need translated to obtain an instant quote. Once you approve the project, our linguists are instantly assigned to work on your translations. Upon completion, simply download your translated files.

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