Engage Spanish Customers with the Best Spanish Translations

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate Spanish translation services with speed. We help the world’s leading companies succeed in Spanish speaking markets one accurately translated sentence at a time.

Accurate Spanish Translations

Accurate Spanish Translations for Your International Success

Stepes provides professional and certified Spanish translation services to our clients in the life sciences, financial, legal, manufacturing, retail, technology, and government industries. We have one of the largest teams of professionally trained, native Spanish linguists and subject matter experts with years of translation experience for the most accurate linguistic output. Stepes is ISO 9001 certified, having well-defined localization workflows and methodologies to consistently deliver the best language performance. We’re so confident you’ll like our Spanish translation service; we offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

Quality Spanish translation is a product of linguistic skill, experience, subject matter expertise, and increasingly, AI-powered translation technology that harnesses the power of machine-human capabilities. Stepes combines excellent linguistic resources with our cutting-edge translation management solutions to deliver the most efficient Spanish localization performance the language industry has ever seen.

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How It Works

How It Works

Stepes has greatly simplified professional Spanish Translation Services for technical documents, websites, elearning content, marketing collateral, and video/audio content using our smart, online translation management platform. Just drag and drop your files onto our project portal and specify the industry or subject matter category to receive a free price estimate in seconds. Click Next to kick off the project immediately which will trigger the system to send instant notifications to our pre-approved Spanish linguists with the right subject matter expertise on their mobile devices or computers. You can track the translation progress at any time. Upon completion, you simply download the translated files with the click of a button. For enterprise clients that prefer to work with our project managers for an end-to-end solution (including linguistic review and DTP), Stepes has a team of professionally trained client service managers in all time zones that are ready to serve you.




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Our Spanish Translation Process

Stepes understands effective enterprise Spanish translation operations require bespoke localization processes that leverage industry best practices, while at the same time tailor to each customer’s unique business requirements. Our professional localization processes are carefully designed so each of clients’ translation projects is delivered on time, within budget, and having the highest level of linguistic accuracy, on a continuous basis.

Onboarding: Stepes professional localization process starts with our due diligence to learn all of the customer’s unique translation requirements (documents, eLearning content, video, and website) and then jointly developing the most optimal localization workflows to consistently meet the client’s translation needs in Spanish and other languages. For each enterprise customer, we build a dedicated project team consisting of project managers, localization engineers, professional native linguists and subject matter experts, and multilingual publishers to serve their requirements.

Glossary development: Our dedicated project managers work with the client, translators, and linguistic reviewers to develop a terminology glossary. This effort will ensure all important product names, trademarks, and technical terms are consistently and accurately translated between English and Spanish.

Style guide creation: Bespoke Spanish translations can be more effectively achieved by spelling out the company’s specific language requirements and linguistic style preferences in a language style guide. This document defines the treatment of date, currency, and number formats in the target language, as well as linguistic tones such as formal, colloquial, and academic for certain types of content. It can also specify how product terms should be translated. For example, some companies prefer to have product terms translated into Spanish, followed by the English terms enclosed in parenthesis the first time they appear. Others may decide to keep these terms in English.

Project scoping and quoting: For each project, the Stepes team analyzes the document(s) to come up with the word count report, which can include new words, repeated words, as well as fuzzy matches from translation memory. We also take into consideration of document formatting, localization testing, voiceover/subtitling (for videos), and other required tasks to work out a detailed Spanish translation quote. For standard document translations, the Stepes online system can automatically work out a translation quote for the customer in seconds.

Translation kit creation: We create a translation kit consisting the pre-processed content to be translated, any special instructions, terminology glossary, style guide, and specified deadlines. This translation kit is then delivered to our pre-approved Spanish linguists for the customer.

Translation, editing, proofreading: Next, the designated Spanish linguists start translating the content. Stepes uses the standard TEP (translation, editing, and proofreading) process for all of our translation work. The same linguist first translates the content into Spanish, and then reviews and edits the translated result to ensure its error free. For selected translations, Stepes also provides additional review by a second Spanish linguist.

Client review: Some of our customers have designated in-country reviewers from their local offices that are in charge of linguistic review. The Stepes PM will work with these reviewers to expedite the linguistic review process for the translated Spanish content. All changes are to be reviewed by the original translator for rebuttal and implementation so these same issues will not reoccur.

DTP: Once the content has been translated, Stepes desktop publishing specialists are brought in to format the translated document so everything (text, graphics, tables) looks professional. Our Spanish desktop publishers are trained with typesetting and page layout using international typographical conventions. For simple MS Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign document, our system is able to format the localized Spanish files automatically for reduced costs and turnaround time.

Delivery: The dedicated Stepes localization project manager will send the translated Spanish document to the client via our project portal or email (if requested.) We have streamlined the entire file transfer process so the client can simply download the translated documents with the click of a button.

Project backup: Stepes backs up each translation project file so the content can be referenced and leverage for future translation work. The translated sentences (including all the linguistic review changes) are updated to the client master Spanish TM (translation memory) for future project reuse.

Native, In-country Spanish Translators

Stepes only uses professional, native Spanish linguists with subject matter expertise to translate our clients’ content. We have one of the largest teams of experienced linguists for both Latin American Spanish and European Spanish. Better yet, Stepes is the first translation company to allow our customers, 3rd party reviewers, and our project managers to rate the performance of each Spanish linguist based on linguistic quality and timely project delivery. For enterprise customers, Stepes introduces our powerful Stepes myTranslator solution, which allows the same dedicated team of Spanish linguists to serve all of their translation needs, to ensure better knowledge sharing, linguist consistency, and overall translation performance.

Industry Specialization

When it comes to technically accurate translations between English and Spanish, industry subject matter expertise is the key. This is why Stepes professional translation best practices heavily emphasize on employing the most qualified Spanish linguists and subject matter experts who specialize in the customer’s unique industry market requirements. We have dedicated Spanish linguists in life sciences, banking/finance, legal, automotive, ecommerce, non-profit and government sectors. Our translators understand the scientific jargon and industry expressions to deliver technically competent translations that are second to none. Combined with our powerful industry terminology management solutions, Stepes delivers the highest quality Spanish translation services to help our clients achieve greater success in Spanish speaking markets.

Spanish Translation Tools

Modern translation solutions rely on the best CAT (computer assisted translation) tools to deliver quality linguistic results with efficiency and scale. In today’s digital economy, customer expectations have changed radically. Companies must make product documents simultaneously available in English and Spanish in order to compete efficiently in international markets. This is why you need Stepes. Our industry-leading translation tools enable our professional Spanish translators to confidently translate with efficiency. Stepes has developed a suite of Spanish translation tools, including real-time terminology lookup, online legacy content leverage, machine learning, AI-powered translation management system, multichannel translation, and on-demand translation APIs. We lead the language industry for next-gen, big translation solutions that disrupt the status quo to deliver unrivaled Spanish translation performance.


Stepes provides one of the most competitive Spanish translation pricing models on the market. We’re able to do this through our technology innovations that significantly increase document translation productivity and share the cost savings with our customers. Stepes price our Spanish translation service based on the number of words translated. We also apply reduced rates to repeated content and TM fuzzy matches. We charge $0.13/word for standard Latin American Spanish document translation, and $0.16/word for medical and legal content.

The Authority in Spanish Translations

The Authority in Spanish Translations

Stepes provides comprehensive Spanish translation services to help our clients beat their competitors and accelerate business growth in Spanish speaking markets around the world. Our extraordinary linguistic capabilities and world class localization expertise ensures that all of your content (technical documents, websites, marketing collateral) is translated right the first time. Stepes is not your ordinary Spanish translation company. We’re your trusted language partner with deep localization know-how and superior technology solutions that help turn your Spanish translation spend into strategic investment for global excellence.

professional spanish translation services

Translate Your Spanish Content Like Never Before. Easily.

Spanish translation services have acquired a bad rap for being too costly, too slow, and too complicated, while delivering mediocre quality. The rapid growth of the digital economy compels companies to look for simpler, faster, and more cost-effective language solutions to meet their localization needs. Businesses now demand agile Spanish translations in order to deliver the best customer experience in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and globally. This is why you need Stepes, the #1 on-demand English-Spanish translation service for unrivaled localization performance. Regardless if you’re a medical, financial, technology, or manufacturing company looking to translate your websites, product documents, press releases, legal contracts, software applications, or videos, Stepes is the one-stop solution for all your language translation and localization needs between Spanish and 100 other languages.

How It Works

Stepes uses modern AI and big data within our next-gen translation management system to optimize each step of the Spanish translation workflow cycle such as file analysis, translation memory leverage, linguistic resource administration, terminology management, and linguistic review. The result is significantly improved efficiency of professional human translation services that consistently deliver the highest linguistic and technical accuracy, while at the same time achieving very fast project turnaround. Our online Spanish translation ecosystem automatically generates translation quotes, applies English-Spanish bilingual terminology, and validates translation consistency for localization results that are better than ever. To learn more about Stepes AI-powered translation management solutions, please click the button below.

Simpler Translation Management

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The Fastest Spanish Translation Service

Fast & On-Demand Spanish Translation

The digital economy has fundamentally changed customer expectations for fast Spanish translation services. Businesses no longer want to wait days or weeks before delivering quality Spanish content to international customers. Professional Spanish translation services must be agile in order to meet the needs of rapidly growing international markets. Stepes is the world’s #1 on-demand Spanish translation company providing fast and accurate language translations that are second to none. Our agile and scalable localization solutions are designed to ensure 24/7 and continuous delivery of Spanish translations at the most affordable prices.

Stepes’ innovative online translation solutions automate many of the outdated, manual human touch points within the traditional localization process to achieve the best speed and linguistic quality. We’ve also developed a full set of translation APIs to automate the entire Spanish translation process with a variety of 3rd party CMS systems. We have thousands of professional Spanish translators specializing in a variety of industries and subject matter fields who are trained to work with our cloud-based translation management system to meet all your Español translation needs.

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Online Spanish Translation Services

Online Spanish Translation Services

Are you still using old-fashioned translation agencies that employ outdated offline models to translate your documents manually? Then you are missing out on the speed and agility that modern online translation services provide for the digital age. Stepes cloud-based translation solutions eliminate static, ad hoc and isolated localization workflows, allowing you to gain complete access to your Spanish translation assets (translation memory, terminology, and style guides) anywhere and anytime.

Stepes cloud translation management technology disrupts the industry by delivering unrivaled scalability and speed to global enterprises. Compared to traditional TMS, our TM search is lightning fast, allowing TM leverage for large documents to be carried out in real time, saving both time and money while increasing quality. Our cloud-based terminology management system ensures the latest terminological updates are immediately available for all translators, marketers, and technical writers, leading to improved linguistic consistency and technical accuracy across your entire content platform.

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 Human-Machine Solutions

Human-Machine Solutions

At Stepes, we’ve built an experienced team of professional in-country Spanish linguists and subject matter experts who are intimately familiar with the entire process of modern Spanish translation and localization. At the same time, we’ve also created the language industry’s leading translation management platform powered by AI (artificial intelligence) to centralize and streamline the entire Spanish localization process for unrivaled efficiency and scalability. Stepes machine-human solutions fill a critical void left open by traditional language services to raise Spanish translation performance to a whole new level.

We Translate into All Variations of Spanish

Do you need Spanish translations for Spain, Mexico, Argentina, or the US? Stepes provides the full range of Spanish translation services for all of your Español language localization requirements. We have a large network of professional translators covering all the major Spanish speaking countries including Spain, Spanish speaking countries in South America, and the US. Better yet, we provide International Spanish translations so the translated content can be used for your customers globally to save costs. Here is a list of the Spanish speaking countries we serve:

  • Spain

    Spain Spanish

  • Mexico

    Mexican Spanish

  • USA

    US Spanish

  • Argentina

    Argentinian Spanish

  • Colombia

    Colombian Spanish

  • Peru

    Peruvian Spanish

  • Chile

    Chilean Spanish

  • Dominican Republic

    Dominican Spanish

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  • Albanian (SQ)
  • Amharic (AM)
  • Armenian (HY)
  • Azerbaijani (AZ)
  • Basque (EU)
  • Belarusian (BE)
  • Bengali (BN)
  • Bhutanese (BT)
  • Bihari (BH)
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A Few of Our Customers

Stepes serves some of the most well-known brands in the world. We provide the best customer experience regardless if your company is big or small. Try us and learn why so many companies trust Stepes with their multilingual translation requirements.

Google: Real Time Translation ABInBev: Document Translation Pepsico: Product Packaging Translation LinkedIn: Website Content Localization US DOT: Document Translation Activition.com: On-demand Translation Hard Rock Café: Training Document Translation Wells Fargo: Customer Support Translation Abbott: HR Document Translation Tesco: Website Translation TechnipFMC: One Hour Translation Airbnb: Agile Translation Services IBM: Mobile Translation WMware: Enterprise Localization Marriott: Enterprise Localization

Translate All Content Types

Spanish Document Translation

Stepes has experience translating a variety of technical documents between English and Spanish with quality and speed. Our intelligent translation tools are able to process a variety of file types such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign automatically. Simply upload your documents to our online portal to receive an instant Spanish translation quote. Upon your approval, our linguists with the right subject matter expertise are immediately assigned to work on your projects in real time.

  • Technical Documents
  • Software Online Help
  • Spanish eLearning Courses
  • Websites
  • Digital Marketing
  • Spanish Business Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • User License Documents
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Patient Consent Forms

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified

ISO 9001 Certified Spanish Translations

Stepes is a culture, context, and industry specific human translation platform. Trust your business related content such as software interfaces, technical documents, instruction manuals or marketing material to our quality translation service.

Spanish Translation Q&A

European Spanish vs Latin American Spanish

As far as the localization industry is concerned, there are distinct differences between the two variations of Spanish in terms of linguistic styles and cultural expressions. This is why customers must clearly specify the version of Spanish they wish to translate into. For products to be marketed in Spain, European Spanish or simply Spanish must be specified. However, for products intended for Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, or South America in general, Latin American Spanish should be selected. Stepes uses the ISO two letter codes ES and XL to indicate European Spanish and Latin American Spanish respectively.

What is International Spanish?

The Spanish language has evolved over the years since Spain’s colonial times. As a result, there are both linguistic and cultural differences between the several dialects of Spanish language speakers in Europe and the Americas. However, professional human translation services are both expensive and take time and this is why International Spanish was born. International Spanish is a neutralized language that by neutralizing some of the nouns and verbs they become less location specific, thus companies are able to translate their documents once for global use.

What is US Spanish?

Unbeknownst to many people, the US has the 3rd largest Spanish speaking population after Mexico and Spain. The term US Spanish is used to describe the version of Spanish that some 41 million Hispanics speak in California, New Mexico, Florida, and many other states. Many businesses increasingly need US Spanish translation services to meet the growing demand of this large customer base.

Spanish Medical Document Translations

Spanish Medical Document Translations

As an ISO 13485 certified translation company, Stepes provides accurate medical document translation services to a number of life sciences industries such as pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, CRO, and biotech. We have thousands of professional, native Spanish linguists who have specialized training in medical fields in addition to their language skills. This is why we’re able to consistently produce linguistically accurate and technically precise Spanish translations. Stepes also owns the largest medical dictionary within the language localization industry so our Spanish linguists can confidently translate medical content with speed. Stepes translates IFUs, medical device manuals, drug packaging, clinical trial documents, and medical patents. To learn more about Stepes translation services, please click here.

Spanish Financial Services

Certified English-Spanish Translation for Financial Services

Are you looking for a reliable language service partner for your financial document translation needs between English and Spanish? Then look no further than Stepes. We have the linguistic experts, mature localization processes, and cutting-edge technology to ensure the best ROI. In addition to our extraordinary localization solutions for international banking, global merger & acquisition, insurance, investment services, and international accounting, Stepes also has virtual data rooms so our clients can confidently manage their multilingual documents securely and conveniently on the cloud.  To learn more about Stepes financial services translations, please click here.

Spanish Manufacturing Translations

Spanish Manufacturing Translations

Stepes has redefined professional Spanish translation services for today’s just-in-time manufacturing best practices. We’re the first language localization company to introduce just-in-time translation so our manufacturing clients can get their documents translated in Spanish with quality and speed. Stepes has thousands of professional Spanish native linguists specializing in various manufacturing fields such as semiconductor, industrial machinery, and chemicals, allowing us to deliver technically accurate translations on a consistent basis. In addition to document translations, we also help our clients develop multilingual terminology glossaries and provide linguistic review services. To learn more about Stepes manufacturing translation solutions, please click here.

Spanish Legal Translations

Spanish Legal Translations

Are you looking to translate your legal documents from English into Spanish or vice versa? You’ve found the perfect partner for the most accurate Spanish legal translations with affordable pricing. We translate business contracts, privacy policies, terms of use, patents, litigation support materials, and much more. Stepes only uses professional Spanish linguists with legal experience to translate legal content for the highest linguistic quality. Our cloud-based translation management system is able to leverage translation memory and terminology glossaries to ensure linguistic consistency while reducing translation costs and turnaround time. To learn more about Stepes legal translation services, please click here.

Spanish Website Translation Services

Spanish Website Translation Services

Stepes has revolutionized website localization in Spanish and 100 other languages so the entire process is fast and hassle free. Our proxy translation solutions are second to none and produce the highest linguistic quality as a result of our in-context linguistic review capabilities and stringent quality assurance processes. Stepes has fully automated the website translation workflow so translating your WordPress or Drupal websites is now as easy as 1.2.3. Simply tell us the URL and our smart crawler will extract your website content to work out a translation quote within one hour (for 80% of the world’s websites.) Upon your approval, our professional Spanish linguists will translate the content before setting up the localized site automatically in the shortest amount of time. Best of all, Stepes is able to monitor your English website for future updates and translate the changed content on demand. To learn more about Stepes website translation solutions, please click here.

Spanish MTPE

Spanish MTPE

Language industry professionals have long predicted the word “translation” will eventually disappear, being replaced by MTPE, or machine translation post-edit. MTPE uses computer algorithms to pre-translate sentences and then lets professional human translators proofread and edit the machine translated output. MTPE can produce good quality results like translation from scratch, by human linguists, but the difference is drastically improved localization efficiency and reduced translation costs. Stepes provides expert Spanish MTPE services to our enterprise customers in which our professional Spanish linguists review and edit machine translated Spanish text on both desktop and mobile devices. Stepes has also developed proprietary MTPE solutions to systematically produce MT post-editing data so our clients can use machine learning for continued quality improvement. To learn more about Stepes MTPE solutions, please click here.

Spanish Linguistic Review Service

Spanish Linguistic Review Service

Also called linguistic quality assurance (LQA) or translation review, linguistic review is a standard service Stepes provides to our enterprise customers so translated content is systematically reviewed by our professional translators to ensure the highest level of localization quality. Depending on the content type, Stepes charges 20%-30% of new word rates for our Spanish linguistic review services. We support linguistic review in a number of different file formats such as using bilingual tables in Word or Excel, or the Stepes online translation workbench. Better yet, we have developed a view context feature so our linguists can click a button to see the current sentence within the original document for the best linguistic editing results.

Spanish Terminology Management

Terminology Management

Having developed the world’s largest terminology wiki with technical terms in 1,700 industries and over 100 languages, Stepes is the undisputed leader in enterprise terminology management services and solutions. We provide full-service terminology management for our clients’ Spanish translation needs, which includes term extraction, glossary creation, terminology review and approval, as well as term import and export with 3rd party tools and systems. Stepes supports automatic terminology look up and consistency check while our Spanish linguists are translating, ensuring accurate translation results without slowing down localization efficiency. To learn more about Stepes comprehensive terminology management solutions, please click here.

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Stepes is a premium brand translation service providing exceptional language solutions to Fortune 500 companies and international enterprises of all sizes. Our Spanish translators, localization engineers, project managers, desktop publishers, video and voiceover talent work around the clock to deliver the best customer experience. We provide 24/7/365 Spanish translation support (including weekends and holidays) in order to meet your all internationalization requirements even for the most demanding projects, with language quality, fast turnaround, and competitive service. Don’t just take our word for it, try our Spanish translation services today and enjoy a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

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