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Our expert Korean translation services help foreign companies communicate faster and better with customers in Korea. Stepes delivers the fastest Korean translations for all content types including business documents, websites, and modern digital texts.

Best Korean Translations

Grow Business Opportunities in South Korea with the Best Korean Translations

As a rapidly growing major economy both in Asia and the world, South Korea is home to a large number of global conglomerates such as Samsung, LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor, and Daewoo, to name just few. However, for foreign companies to succeed in the Korean market, quality customer communications in Korean is a must. This is why you need Stepes, the leader in professional Korean translation services for technology, medical, manufacturing, financial, and legal industries. You’ve invested heavily in product development so don’t let poor language translations stop your business success in Korea. We translate all kinds of digital content online and on-demand so our clients can get ahead faster in the Korean market.

Biggest Korean Translator

Biggest Korean Translator

Stepes has thousands of professional, native Korean translators who are specially trained in a variety of subject matter fields such as software, engineering, electronics, automotive, medical, and more. We’re the first translation company to employ a modern Uber-like translation resource management system to perfectly match our clients’ highly technical translation requirements with the most qualified Korean translators for the best results. We also train our Korean linguists to use modern translation technology tools for the best localization efficiency and scalability.

All of Stepes translators are proficient at using our online terminology glossary tool to most accurately translate our clients’ product terminology for technical precision and linguistic consistency. Our Korean translators are professionally trained to employ Stepes’ cloud-based translation workbench for real-time translation memory leverage and dynamic content validation between the source and target languages. As a result, we can translate better and faster at lower costs, allowing our customers to achieve the best ROI for their language translation spend.

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Fastest Korean Translations

The Fastest Korean Translations on the Market

Need Korean translations for urgent business requirements? No problem. Stepes provides rapid translation turnaround with our industry leading on-demand translation solutions. We’re able to do this by taking advantage of our patented mobile translation solutions that instantly notify our Korean linguists of new translation requests anytime and anywhere and then allow them to immediately begin translating on their mobile devices as well as desktop computers. No other translation companies come even close to what Stepes can do in terms of super-fast Korean translation services.

Large Korean Translations

Unrivaled Scalability for Large Projects

Stepes introduced the shared translation model to the language industry. On average, each our professional translators can translate between 2,000-3,500 words a day. For very large projects with tight deadlines, Stepes intelligent language provisioning system will dynamically split the projects into smaller units so multiple translators can work together concurrently. Stepes uses cloud-based terminology management and real-time translation leverage to safeguard linguistic consistency. We have the ability to translate hundreds and thousands of words in as little as a couple days. For a complete discussion of Stepes translation scalability capabilities, please click the button below.

Korean Legal Translation Services

Korean Legal Translation Services

To ensure your business success in the Korean market, you must understand Korean regulations and laws. Doing so requires professional legal translation services to help interpret your legal documents between English and Korean so you can always make the best business decisions in Korea. Don’t make the same mistake as a major Swiss pharmaceutical company did by misinterpreting the Korean antitrust regulations and ending up getting fined $48 million dollars. Stepes provides expert legal translation services from English to Korean and vice versa for life sciences, financial, and technology industries. We also provide certified translations for patents into Korean. To learn more about Stepes legal translation services, please click here.

Korean Desktop Publishing

Korean Desktop Publishing

In addition to exceptional language translation services between English and Korean and many other languages, Stepes also provides global enterprises with expert desktop publishing or DTP services so our localized documents are professionally formatted for the most polished presentations. Stepes supports a variety of document formats such as MS Word, Adobe InDesign, PowerPoint, PDF, XML, and HTML. Our experienced DTP specialists are trained working with Korean fonts and typesetting for the best design and document layout.

Korean Translation Models

We Support All New Economy Translation Models

Stepes is a next-gen translation company. In addition to translating technical documents, software, websites, and marketing materials we support all modern digital translation requirements in Korean such as user generated content, social media, eLearning, and video localization.

  • Technical Documents
  • Software Localization
  • Website Translations
  • eLearning Localization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Games Translation
  • User Generated Content
  • Continuous Translation
  • Machine Translation Post-editing
  • Mobile Translation

Korean Document Translation Services

Korean Document Translation Services

Stepes translate all types of business documents from English into Korean and vice versa. Specifically, we translate technical, legal, medical, marketing, digital, financial, and certified documents for both business and government sectors. Powered by our large network of professional translators and cutting-edge technologies, Stepes provides the best document translation solutions that our customers demand to achieve business success in Korea and globally.

5 Start Customer Service

5-Star Customer Service

For each Stepes enterprise customer, we create a dedicated client services team consisting of a client success manager (CSM) supported by a number of project managers depending on the client’s translation volume. We also assign pre-approved linguists with the same industry or subject domain focus to the client’s myTranslator team. These dedicated translators work on the customer’s projects on a regular basis for the most efficient project knowledge sharing and best translation consistency. Stepes’ client services team provides 24/7/365 proactive customer support so you never have to wait to hear from us. Don’t just take our word for it, try Stepes today so you can rate your translator’s performance literally.

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