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Multilingual Patents for Global Success

According to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), rights granted by a U.S. patent have no effect in foreign countries. And with today’s globalized marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights in foreign countries where your company conducts its business. There is no better way to do this than registering your technology patents and trademarks in the target foreign jurisdictions. This is why you need Stepes, the language industry leader for professional and accurate patent translation services, to help translate your inventions and legal documents in Chinese, German, Spanish, and over 100 other languages with quality and speed.

Trusted Patent Translations

Trusted Patent Translations

You’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on your inventions and the last thing you want is to rely on an average translation company to translate your highly technical patents for international registration. Quality patent translations require much more than linguistic knowledge. It requires expert understanding of the subject matter in addition to local patent laws and the legal process of filing international patent applications. This is why Stepes employs patent attorneys and legal professionals with the right technical expertise within the target countries to provide the best patent translation services. We translate patents in all major languages such as Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and French.

Protect International Intellectual

Patent Translation Innovations

Are you still translating your patents the old-fashioned way? Then you’re not only losing out on turnaround time, but also paying extra for lower quality results. Translation technologies have come a long way since the early 90’s that significantly improve translation efficiency and quality. Stepes modern, online patent translation solutions allow our clients to centrally manage all of their patent translation needs while at the time allowing them to better manage multilingual terminology for improved linguistic consistency and technical accuracy. Our online platform streamlines the translation workflow and allows our clients to easily leverage legacy translations for consistency and cost savings.

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How It Works

Stepes provides a powerful cloud platform for our enterprise customers to translate, search, and manage multilingual patents online in a highly secure environment. It represents a major departure from the old offline and static approach to patent translations where foreign language documents and forms are saved on local hard drives, making it difficult to reference and review legacy materials. Since Stepes performs patent translation services online, we’re able to archive and store all previously translated content in a secure central database for future project leverage with improved linguistic consistency, reduced localization cost, and shortened turnaround time.

Protect International Intellectual

Markman Hearing

The Markman Hearing is a watershed event in U.S. patent litigation in which the definition of a key term decided the case’s final outcome. This speaks volumes about the importance of multilingual terminology management in international patent applications. No other translation companies come close to Stepes for the depth and breadth of terminology management solutions in support of our clients’ international patent translation service needs. Click here to learn more about Stepes comprehensive terminology management.

Patent Translations Terminology Management

Case Study: Patent Translations & Terminology Management

Unlike other types of translation services, legal language is full of technical expressions and jargons with precise definitions and contextual uses strictly defined by law. Accurate translation of the invention summary, data sheet, specifications, and other supporting documents along with all the technical terminology is critical for successful international patent applications and patent infringement litigation.

How to Register International Patents?

Patents and trademarks are both country and language specific. An English patent in the US doesn’t afford the same protection in other countries such as China, Germany, or Mexico where different laws and languages are spoken. To ensure IP protection overseas, separate patents in the corresponding languages must be filed with the designated foreign regulatory authorities. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides a list of intellectual property offices worldwide.

A more modern solution is to file an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). PCT was established in recent years to centralize and simplify the filing process for U.S. companies applying for multiple international patents. PCT can grant IP protection in up to 143 countries. However, to fully comply with the requirements of the five largest patent offices (IP5) in the world, much of the application materials must be translated into the target jurisdiction’s official language.

Aside from international patent protections, the Madrid Protocol was established 1996 to streamline the process for cross-border trademark registration in up to 84 countries.

Regardless of the option you chose for your global IP protection, it doesn’t take away the fact that you need to work with a trusted language translation agency to translate and localize your inventions for the best linguistic and technical quality. The good news is whether you need translations services for your international patent or trademark registrations, Stepes has expert language solutions to help translate your IP content with accuracy and efficiency.

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