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Stepes (pronounced /steps/) helps software developers create top multilingual apps in over 100 languages that drive global success. Our fast and professional app translation services enable the best apps in App Store and Google Play Store to fluently engage with international audiences across linguistic barriers.

Certified Accuracy IFUs Translation

Translating Your iOS and Android App in Foreign Languages Like Never Before. Easily.

Translation services have obtained a bad rap for being too slow, too complicated, and too expensive. With today’s fast-paced and agile development methodology, app developers increasingly need a simple and fast solution to localize their mobile apps, this is why you need Stepes. We localize all types of apps into variety of languages with quality so our clients can beat the competition and get to international markets fast. We’ve greatly simplified the app translation process so localizing your iOS or Android apps into Korean, German, Japanese, Spanish, and other European and Asian languages is now fast and hassle free. Simply drag and drop your user interface string files onto our online translation portal, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Stepes innovative, cloud translation management ecosystem means you can now upload your UI strings, resource files, or user help documentation in an easy-to-use online environment. Our intelligent file analysis algorithm is able to provide you with an instant translation quote. Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved, professional native translators begin translating immediately. Simply download your translated files to integrate with your existing app resource files. In addition to translation, Stepes also provides localized app testing services, spanning functional, linguistic, and cosmetic validations.

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Two Ways to Translate Your Apps with Success

Stepes provides our customers with two ways to translate their iOS or Android apps.

  1. Translation Only

If you’re only looking to have Stepes translate the user interface (UI) strings of your app, all you need to do is to send us the string resource files. For iOS, this is the localizable.strings within your XCode project folder, and for Android, this is the strings.xml file within your Java project resource directory. Once we translate the strings into the designated languages, you’ll need to take care of putting these localized resource files into the appropriate directories for your app to load the foreign language text properly. You may also need to run the localized app to check for text truncations and other localization related issues. Upon receiving your testing report, we’ll then implement the changes and redeliver the updated resource files for you to build the final release.

  1. End-to-End App Localization Services

Many of our iOS and Android clients don’t have the technical resources or localization expertise to know how to get started with app translation. The good news is they can rely on Stepes to take care of the entire localization production end-to-end. Stepes provides full-service app localization solutions so our clients can focus on what they do the best, developing better and more powerful apps. In this case, Stepes will take care of translation, compile the localized app, perform app testing, and build the final multilingual app for you to release to the App Store or Google Play market.

iOS App Localization

iOS App Localization

Stepes offers highly streamlined translation and localization workflow for iOS apps that are distributed using the App Store. Apple has done a great job isolating and organizing the language resources in logical structures so translating iOS apps are now easier than it’s ever been. Stepes localization engineers are highly experienced with iOS Internationalization and Localization with XCode. In addition to translating Localizable.strings, we regularly process NSLocalizedString, Main.strings, and Info.plist.

Android App Localization

Android App Localization

Stepes is an undisputed leader in app translation services for Google Android. This is because Stepes itself is a translation app for mobile devices. We have in-depth experience translating a variety of Android apps. Android has published guidelines for UI strings to make the translation process easier. If you use standard UI terms, many of the translations are already available in Google’s standard resource library. This will ensure clear and consistent translations of common UI terms, while at the same time saving cost. Stepes provides translation and localization app testing for all Android applications.

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