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Trusted by the world’s most recognized business brands, Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides high quality and certified translations of your technical documents fast.

Professional Document Translations

Stepes delivers the highest level of technical translation quality backed by our ISO certifications, stringent QA processes, and years of localization experience in the language industry. As the most innovative translation company in the world, we lead the industry with translation technologies that improve the speed and scalability of languages services while meeting our clients’ quality and budget requirements.

To ensure the highest linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness, we only hire professional translators with subject matter expertise and a minimum of five years of field experience. Stepes provides 24/7 and best-of-breed technical translation and localization services for our clients in life sciences, automotive, manufacturing, IT, consumer/retail, medical, financial, and legal industries.

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Examples Of Our Success

  • We are proud to serve the world’s leading companies’ by producing multilingual documents with speed, language quality, and affordable price.
  • Our domain specific subject matter experts speak your language technically and linguistically for the best content accuracy every time.
  • We automate conventional localization human touch points so your documents are translated hassle free and most affordably.
  • We offer free instant online estimates so you can confidently compare prices against any other localization service providers.
  • Extremely fast project turnaround — Stepes delivers the fastest document translation service in the industry.
  • 5-Star customer service. We work 24/7/365 so your translation requests are always met with the most professional service.

Translation Memory for Cost Savings and Faster Turnaround

Stepes employs Translation Memory (TM) for all our technical document translation services. Translation memory is a technology that stores translated sentences in a database so they can be reused (or leveraged) for future translation projects. TM leverage is especially useful for technical document translation services because user manuals tend to be based on previous releases, so much of the content can be recycled for the following benefits:

Translation Cost Savings

Translation Cost Savings

Instead of translating each product manual from scratch, translation memory ensures the reuse of previously translated assets, leading to significant cost savings. Depending on the amount of content updates, TM leverage can lead to 20%-70% translation cost savings.

Faster Project Turnaround

Faster Project Turnaround

By not re-translating content, TM leverages allow user manuals and technical documents to be translated much faster, leading to reduced time-to-market and increased revenue.

Improved Content Consistency

Improved Content Consistency

Leveraging previous translation work that has been reviewed and approved allows language consistency to be better preserved between releases, leading to improved overall translation quality and customer satisfaction.


Instant Project Quotes

In today’s digital economy, time is of the essence! Stepes has developed cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients with real time translation quotes so you don’t have to wait for a day or more to receive project estimates.


Flexible Translation Solutions

We translate MS Word, InDesign, or FrameMaker file types and provide desktop publishing (DTP) for localized documents. Stepes can also connect to your CMS directly and translate your DITA content topics automatically for an agile and continuous translation solution.


Expert Terminology Management

Quality technical translation requires effective terminology management for highly accurate and consistent translation. Stepes employs the world’s largest cloud-based terminology management system to ensure all your important technical terms are translated accurately, every time.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Steeps works with a variety of desktop publishing tools such as Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, or MS Word and MS PowerPoint to format the translated documents so they look just as professional as the source documents. Our experienced desktop publishing specialists are adept at working with international typography (sans serif, SongTi, HeiTi, etc.) and page layout conventions (such as A4 versus US Letter page sizes.) We provide our clients with print-ready materials in any language and any file format. From marketing brochures, posters and product catalogs to promotional material, we deliver both low-res PDFs for electronic distribution and high-res PDFs for printing presses.
We work with these desktop publishing software: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint, and Excel.

3 ‘Stepes’ to Localize Your Documents

1Upload your document(s) and specify the target language(s).
2Track and monitor progress.
3Download your translated files.

Document Translation Quality Assurance

Stepes only works with professional native translators, with subject matter expertise, for all of our document translation projects. Each document translation project is carefully reviewed to ensure the highest level of linguistic quality and technical accuracy. We use a number of industry metrics to measure our translation quality such as J2450 and Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF). Stepes is the first platform in the localization industry to introduce a translator accountability initiative so our clients have a chance to rank the performance of our translators.

Stepes is backed by the world’s largest multilingual terminology management system—TermWiki Pro, with millions of terms pre-translated in over 1,700 industries and subject matter fields. Whether it’s medical, IT, finance, legal, or manufacturing, we have the industry expertise and mature localization processes to ensure the most accurate translation results.

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