Legal Document Translation Services

Professional Legal Document Translation Services

Stepes (/’steps/) provides expert legal document translation services in over 100 languages. Our dedicated team of certified linguists possesses specialized knowledge in legal terminologies and international laws to deliver accurate, timely, and secure translations to meet the demanding needs of legal professionals globally.

Accurate Legal Document Translations

Accurate Legal Document Translations You Can Trust

Are you in need of professional translation services to accurately translate your legal documents into languages such as Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or German? Look no further than Stepes. From contract translations to litigation documents and patent filings, our dedicated legal translators possess the linguistic expertise, subject matter proficiency, and advanced language technology necessary to handle a wide range of legal texts with the utmost precision. With a proven track record in upholding confidentiality and security, along with efficient localization project management, Stepes stands as your reliable partner for all your legal document translation needs.

Professional legal document translations necessitate linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and increasingly, the use of language technologies that leverage machine learning, translation memory, terminology management, and in-context review to deliver consistent, accurate results. Our legal document translation workflows enable law firms and corporate legal counsels to securely upload their legal documents, such as PDFs, Word files, and even scanned documents, to our user-friendly online translation platform. This facilitates real-time price quotes. Upon approval, our vetted translators begin translating immediately, utilizing a full suite of language-checking tools to ensure both quality and efficiency. But don't just take our word for it. Consult with one of our legal translation experts today and elevate your legal document translation performance to a higher level of ROI.

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A Few of Our Legal Customers

Stepes is a rapidly growing language service agency that is trusted by a large number of companies for their mission-critical legal document translation needs. The following lists just a few of our client.

Kleinberg Kaplan

Legal Documents Translated Easily, Online

Stepes intelligent online translation management system allow you to get your legal documents translated by our dedicated legal linguists easily and hassle-free. Simply drag and drop your documents and specify the desired languages to obtain a translation quote in seconds. Upon your confirmation, Stepes pre-approved legal translators will begin translating right away. The following are popular legal documents we regularly translate.

AffidavitCertified translation of sworn written statement or oath for official use.

Amending AgreementTranslation of alterations or amendments to the original contract.

Amortization ScheduleAccurate translation of pay-off schedules for loans or mortgage, including foreign currency conversions for payment amounts of interest and principal.

Articles of IncorporationProfessional legal translation of documents to be filed with the international governments to legally form a company.

Assignment AgreementAccurate translation legal documents used to transfer property, rights, or obligations to another party.

Assignment of Partnership InterestAccurate translation of agreements for transferring partnership interest from one party to another as specified by the original partnership agreement.

Assignment of Trade NameTranslation of legal documents used for transferring ownership rights of a trade name from one international party to another.

Band Partnership AgreementTranslation of legal contract signed by a music band members that governs how the band operates and how the decisions regarding the band are to be made, as well as rights and responsibilities of each member.

Bill of SaleCertified translation of sales receipts or certificates for the transfer of property ownership from a seller to a buyer.

Business ContractOfficial translation of formal written agreement between

Building ContractTranslation of legal agreements setting forth the terms and conditions under which construction is to be carried out, including remuneration, construction schedule, and noncompliance penalties.

Business PlanProfessional translation of legally binding agreements between international parties regarding the purchase and sales of goods or services.

Cease & Desist LetterAccurate translation of attorney cease and desist letters for international copyright violation, unfair competitions, or debt collections.

Certificate of IncumbencyQuality translation of legal documents used to confirm the identity of company officers for international shareholders and investors.

Child Care ContractTranslation of legal agreements governing the employment of child care providers to care for a child.

Child Medical ConsentTranslation of permission documents for medical professionals or caregivers to make medical decisions for a child.

Child Care AuthorizationLegal translation of documents permitting a caregiver to take care of ac child.

Child Travel Consent

Child Visitation Letter

Cleaning Services Agreement

Cohabitation Agreement

Commercial Eviction Notice

Commercial LeaseTranslation of business lease agreements between landlords and commercial tenants in Spanish, Chinese, French, and other languages.

Commercial Lease Application

Commercial Lease Notices

Commercial Lease Termination Notice

Commercial Lease Warning Notice

Commercial Pape®

Commercial Sublease Agreemen

Common Law Partner Agreement

Compensation Agreement

Complaint Letter

Computer Services Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Consent to Action Without Meeting

Consent to be Director and Officer

Construction Contract

Consulting Agreement

Contract Addendum

Contract Amendment

Contract for Deed

Corporate Bylaws

Cover Letter

Child Travel ConsentTranslation of parental consent forms used by a minor child to gain permission to travel alone or with someone else either domestically or internationally.

Child Visitation LetterLegal translation of child visitation letter document for planed get-together with your child or to inform the other parent that they are not following the visitation agreement.

Cleaning Services AgreementTranslation of legal document detailing the terms and conditions of cleaning services to be performed by a cleaning company to a customer.

Cohabitation AgreementTranslation of legal agreement between an unmarried couple who want to live together.

Commercial Eviction NoticeTranslation of legal letter demanding rent payment a landlord or property manager serves to a tenant.

Commercial LeaseTranslation of business lease agreements between landlords and commercial tenants in Spanish, Chinese, French, and other languages.

Commercial Lease ApplicationOfficial translation of application document used by landlords or property managers to collect information on prospective potential business tenants.

Commercial Lease NoticesTranslation of commercial lease warning notice sent by a landlord to a tenant to inform them of a lease violation.

Commercial Lease Termination NoticeTranslation of legal notice given by a landlord to a tenant of an eviction or the official termination of the lease.

Commercial Lease Warning NoticeTranslation of legal notice sent by a landlord to a tenant to inform them of a lease violation.

Commercial PaperTranslation of the promissory note for a borrower to pay back a loan to a lender on a specified date and time.

Commercial Sublease AgreementTranslation of lease document used by the original tenant to transfer the remaining lease obligations under a commercial lease to another tenant.

Common Law Partner AgreementTranslation of legal agreement between an unmarried couple who live together that outlines shared and separate property and debts, as well as other arrangements to protect the each individual’s interests should the relationship ends.

Compensation AgreementTranslation of legal contracts between an employer and an employee to set the amount of wage or salary and other benefits for that employee.

Complaint LetterTranslation of document forms used by consumers to submit complaints about products and services to a businesd.

Computer Services AgreementLegal translation of written contracts used by a provider to specify computer-based services to a customer including repairs, updates, or maintenance.

Confidentiality AgreementTranslation of legal agreements between two parties to protect sensitive information that is shared by prohibiting the disclosure of to an outside party.

Consent to Action Without MeetingTranslation of shareholders' consent statements for actions taken by a particular corporation without a meeting having to take place between directors and/or shareholders.

Consent to be Director and OfficerTranslation of consent letters used to appoint company directors or officers.

Construction ContractTranslation of legally binding agreements between international property owners and contractors.

Consulting AgreementTranslation of service contracts between international consultants and clients.

Contract AddendumTranslation of amendments to existing legal contracts or agreements between international parties.

Contract AmendmentTranslation of alterations to existing legal contracts or agreements between international parties.

Contract for DeedTranslation of legal contracts between sellers and international buyers of real estate properties.

Corporate BylawsLegal translation of a company’s rules and policies document that governs the internal management of a corporation, such as corporate meetings, voting requirements, and responsibilities of officers.

Cover LetterTranslation of cover letters from potential international candidates for a company’s global HRL operations.

Deed of Reconveyance

Deed of Trust

Demand Letter

Digital Image License

Directors' Organizational Meeting

Directors' Resolution

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Domestic Partnership Agreement

Emergency Plan

Employee Evaluation

Employee Privacy Policy

Employee Warning Letter

Employment Contract

Employment Offer Letter

Employment Termination Letter

End User License AgreementEULA

End-of-Life Plan

Equipment Rental Agreement

Eviction Notice

Financial StatementPersonal

Gift Deed

Grantor TrustRevocable Living Trust

Health Care Directive

Hold-HarmlessIndemnity) Agreement

Incorporators' Organizational Meeting

Independent Contractor Agreement

Intent to Purchase Real Estate

Invoice Form

Joint Venture Agreement

Just-In-Case Instructions

LLC Articles of Organization

LLC Operating Agreement


Land Contract

Landlord's Consent to Lease Assignment

Landlord's Consent to Sublease

Last Will and Testament

Lease Amendment

Lease Application

Lease Assignment Agreement

Letter of Intent

Letter of Recommendation

Liability Waiver

Lien Release

Living Will

Loan Agreement

Mechanic's Lien

Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Records Release

Memorandum of Understanding

Mechanic's Lien

Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Records Release

Memorandum of Understanding

Minute Book Rights of Inspection

Minutes of Directors' Meeting

Minutes of Shareholders' Meeting

Model and Entertainment Release

Mortgage Agreement

Music Recording Contract

Non Disclosure AgreementNDA

Non-Compete Agreement

Notice To Enter

Notice of Intent to Vacate Premises

Notice of Lease Violation

Notice of Rent Increase

Notice of Termination

Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

Notice to Quit

Notice to Repair

Offer to Lease

Offer to Purchase Real Estate

Power of Attorney

Partnership Agreement

Partnership Amendment

Performance Contract

Personal Care Profile

Personal Property Rental Agreement

Personal Guarantee

Pet Agreement

Postnuptial Agreement

Pour-Over Will

Prenuptial Agreement

Promissory Note

Proof of Execution by a Subscribing WitnessTranslation of certificates for verifying witnesses presence at the signing of certain legal documents.

Proposal Template

Purchase Agreement

Purchase Order

Purchase of Business Agreement

Quitclaim Deed

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Reference List

Release/Waiver Agreement

Rent Increase Notice

Rent Receipt

Residential Lease Agreement

Residential Rental Application

Residential Rental Inspection Report

Residential Sublease Agreement

Resignation Letter


Revocation of Power of Attorney

Roommate Agreement

Sales Agreement

Satisfaction of Mortgage

Separation Agreement

Service Agreement

Settlement Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement

Share Repurchase Agreement

Share Subscription

Shareholder Agreement

Shareholder Loan Agreement

Shareholder Proxy

Shareholder's Appointment of Representative

Shareholders' Consent to Action Without Meeting

Shareholders' Organizational Meeting

Subcontractor Agreement

Survivorship Deed

Tenant Application

Termination Agreement

Termination by Tenant

Trademark Assignment

Vehicle Leasing Agreement

Warranty Deed


Spanish Legal Document Translation

Spanish Legal Document Translation

Stepes provides fast and professional Spanish legal document translation services with certified accuracy. We translate from English into all Spanish dialects such as US Spanish, Latin American Spanish, International Spanish, and European Spanish. Our Spanish legal document translation solutions include content translation, linguistic proofreading, as well as desktop publishing to format the translated files so they look professional. Stepes’ intelligent online translation platform can process documents in a variety of file formats such as PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, or InDesgn. You can upload files yourself using our intuitive online system or send them to our dedicated project managers for full-service translation. To learn more about Stepes Spanish translation solutions, please click here.

Chinese Legal Document Translation

Chinese Legal Document Translation

Are you looking to translate international business contracts, overseas lease agreements, or cross-border joint venture agreements between English and Chinese? You’ve found the perfect language service partner. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional English-Chinese legal translators and bilingual law subject matter experts who are ready to help. We guarantee linguistic accuracy and technical precision for all of your English-Chinese legal document translation needs. Better yet, our document translation technologies support translation memory and terminology management so previously translated content can be reused for linguistic consistency and cost savings. To learn more about Stepes Chinese translation services, please click here.

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