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We live in a rapidly developing, always-on, digital-everything world in which information is fast-changing and through many channels. The number of customer touchpoints is expanding. Innovations in translation technology that deliver fast and agile translation services when and where customers need them are critical factors for global business success. Today, enterprises must be able to market, advertise, sell and support consistently across online stores, smartphones, tablets, social networks, call centers, and a growing number of Internet of things (IOTs). This is why you need Stepes, the world’s first multichannel human translation solution that delivers agile and continuous translation services across all channels and devices.

Translation Beyond User Manuals and Brochures

Stepes’ multi-channel translation solutions enable businesses to transform how they engage with customers globally and create seamless and exceptional customer experiences across languages and in all touchpoint channels. Today’s translation requirements are far beyond the static and one-dimensional document localization. As a result, translation solutions must be on-demand and respond quickly to changing market demands anywhere and anytime in order to meet customer expectations globally.

Deliver great experiences globally

Stepes’s multi-channel translation solutions help companies achieve the best customer experiences across languages in all of their customer touchpoints in real-time – from a marketing message to a ecommerce product review, from the call center to a social media post. Our multi-channel translation solutions consistently deliver great customer experiences across channels and devices anywhere and anytime.

Simplify translation management

Traditional translation management is labor intensive and involves many human touchpoints such as sending a quote request, approving a project, manually tracking progress, receiving translated content and managing billing and invoice. It’s difficult enough to manage the translation of a simple user manual or website update, let alone trying to handle translation requirements that are now happening on multiple channels and all require fast turnaround. Stepes simplifies translation management by automating many of the traditional translation tasks for improved efficiency and scalability.

Enable agile translation

Our solutions enable companies to respond to changing market conditions and customer expectations in the world with just-in-time translation when and where they need it. From social media posts, to product reviews and customer support questions, and to global email campaigns, Stepes multi-channel translation services help our clients unlock opportunities by optimizing customer experience in all locations while reducing translation cost and time, and compete more effectively in the digital economt.

What is
Omnichannel Commerce?

Also spelled omni-channel, ominichannel commerce is a business practice that aims to deliver a seamless buying experience to the customer,  whether through online shopping sites, by telephone or through social media channels, and on all devices including both desktop and mobile.

What is Multichannel Translation?

Multichannel translation is a buzzword within the translation industry that describes translation services beyond the traditional one-dimensional static document localization such as user manuals, software strings and help, websites and brochures, etc. Multichannel translation services are dynamic and realtime translation solutions that are rendered on all devices such as PCs, tablets, mobile, telephone and IoTs and over many channels such as websites, social media, call centers and live translation. The digital economy has transformed the content world in which document sizes will continue to shrink as digital contents are now created in smaller chunks with higher frequency and they all need translation right away and on a continuous basis.

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