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Best-In-Class Academic Translation Services

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides professional academic translation services for schools, colleges, and universities in 100 languages. We help educational institutions achieve multilingual communication success, one accurately translated academic writing at a time.

Accurate Academic Translations

Accurate Academic Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking to translate your academic papers, scholarly articles, peer-reviewed writing, or journal publications between English and Japanese, English and French, or English and Chinese? Look no further than Stepes. We offer professional academic translation services in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages that guarantee the translated text accurately conveys the intended meaning and maintains the original tone and style of the source content. Stepes has a large team of professional linguists and multilingual subject matter experts who excel at translating research literature and educational content with linguistic fluency and technical precision for a full range of academic disciplines.

Peer Review Translation Services

Peer Review Translation Services

Are you conducting peer reviews with international academics and need to accurately translate your journal articles and academic literature into foreign languages? Stepes provides expert peer-reviewed article translation services with measurable quality. We translate all types of academic writing, including descriptive, persuasive, analytical, and critical writing, for a full range of research topics and academic disciplines, allowing international scholars and researchers to confidently perform peer reviews across languages:

  • Evaluating the quality and relevance of the translated research articles
  • Assessing the validity of the methodology and conclusions
  • Checking for gaps, multilingual plagiarism, and other issues
  • Providing constructive feedback to the author(s)
  • They are making recommendations for revisions or rejection.

We Translate These Academic Documents

Stepes has the linguistic experience and localization solutions to translate a wide variety of academic documents with quality and efficiency, including the following:

  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Research paper
  • Journal article
  • Essay
  • Book chapter
  • Conference paper
  • Technical report
  • Term paper
  • Lab report
  • Book reviews
  • Conference proceeding
  • Academic reports
  • White paper
  • Case study
  • Survey report
  • Literature review

Our Academic Translation Workflow

As a professional translation company, Stepes follows a mature and tried-and-true process for all our academic translation services. The following is a typical translation workflow for our educational clients.

Academic Translation Workflow

  1. Client Request: Receive and understand the translation request from the academic client.
  2. Project Analysis: Analyze the source and target languages, the purpose of the translation, the target audience, and any specific requirements, references, or guidelines provided by the client.
  3. Transkit Creation: Leverage existing TM (translation memory), terminology glossaries, client-specific instructions, and reference materials.
  4. Resource Allocation: Assign a dedicated team of translators based on their expertise, availability, and workload.
  5. Translation: The translator or team of translators translate the text, taking into account any linguistic, cultural, or technical aspects specific to the target audience and language.
  6. Editing and Review: A second translator or editor reviews selected translation portions for accuracy, consistency, terminology, spelling, and grammar.
  7. Quality Control: Check the translation for formatting, document structure, and other issues before delivering it to the client.
  8. Delivery: Deliver the translated text to the client in the format requested, along with any additional documents or files.
  9. Feedback: Obtain feedback from the client to evaluate the quality of the translation and identify any areas for improvement.
  10. Project Archive: Update translation memories and terminology glossaries for future project leverage and reference.

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