AI Voice-Over Services

AI Voice-Over Services

Stepes (pronounced as “steps”) provides natural-sounding multilingual AI voices in 100 languages. We help our clients produce high-quality foreign language voice-overs for instructional materials with quality and speed at a fraction of the cost.

Natural-Sounding AI Voices

Natural-Sounding AI Voices Are Disrupting the Old Voice-Over Model

Producing high-quality voice-overs with human voiceover talents can be expensive, especially if they must be done in multiple languages. Stepes’ natural-sounding AI voices can help to significantly reduce the cost of producing multilingual voice-overs for instructional materials and elearning courses while delivering the best audience experience. In addition to being cost-effective, Stepes’ natural-sounding AI voices can save time by providing a fast and efficient way to produce voice-overs in multiple languages, allowing our clients to make last-minute script edits without going through the cumbersome re-recording process each time.

E-learning and instructional material design companies are often discouraged by the high costs associated with obtaining voice-over services in multiple languages. This is where Stepes' AI-powered voice-over solutions come in as a game changer. For most e-learning and training content, our AI voice-over services are fully sufficient in providing authentic training productions while offering an optimal learning experience. Stepes' AI voices come with various voice-over selections, such as male and female voices, speech tempo, and speaking styles. Don't just take our word for it, try Stepes AI voice-over services today. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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Improved Elearning User Experience

Improved Elearning User Experience

Professionally translated elearning content with natural-sounding AI voices can enhance the learner’s overall experience by making the instructional materials more engaging and easier to understand in the target languages. Research has shown that learners are more likely to retain information that is presented clearly and engagingly using both on-screen animations and audio voice-over. Stepes’ natural-sounding AI voices can help to achieve this by making the content more memorable and easier to understand. We have helped many of our clients localize elearning courses using our superb foreign language AI voices, leading to improved ROI. To learn more about Stepes professional elearning translation services, please click here.

Multilingual AI Voice-over

Cost-effective Multilingual AI Voice-over Services

Are you looking for voice-over services to help add audio speech to translated videos or multimedia presentations but are disappointed by the exuberant costs and long delivery cycles? High-quality voice-overs with professional human voice talents can be expensive, especially if you need them in multiple languages. This is why you need Stepes. Our top-notch natural-sounding AI voices can help to significantly reduce the cost of voice-over productions by providing a reliable and affordable alternative. Typically, Stepes’ AI voices can help clients save up to 90% of voice-over costs while delivering near-perfect results. But don’t just take our word for it, try our AI voices here and see the quality for yourself.

Professional Human Voices

Professional Human Voices?

In addition to AI voices, Stepes provides high-quality human voice-over services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages. We have a large network of expert voice-over talents who specialize in providing the most authentic and engaging audio recordings for a wide range of elearning and training speech requirements. As an integral component of our professional human voice-over service, Stepes also provides dubbing and lip-synching support to deliver the perfect speech soundtrack. To learn more about Stepes’ professional voice-over solutions, please click here.

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