Alternative Energy Industry

Professional Language Translations for the Alternative Energy Industry

Stepes (pronounced /’steps) provides fast and accurate alternative energy translation services in over 100 languages so our clients can achieve greater international success across linguistic barriers.

Alternative Energy Translations

Alternative Energy Translations by Subject Matter Experts

Are you looking for an experienced localization company to translate your alternative energy (AE) documents between English and Chinese, English and Portuguese, or English and German? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide technically accurate and linguistically fluent translations for a range of renewable energy systems and technologies such as solar energy, wind power, hydroelectricity, biomass power, as well as nuclear energy. Stepes has a large team of professional in-country translators and multilingual subject matters in over 100 languages who specialize in translating for the alternative energy industry with the highest level of translation accuracy at speed. We help our alternative energy clients overcome linguistic challenges with international communications in foreign markets and grow global revenue, one professionally translated technical document at a time.

Stepes has redefined professional translation services for the alternative energy industry onto the cloud. Our online translation technology solutions enable our linguists to perform at their best for unrivaled localization ROI. Companies can now drag and drop source language documents to our online portal for an instant quote. Upon confirmation, our pre-approved linguists with the right subject matter expertise are immediately assigned to begin translating. Clients simply download the translated files with the click of a button. Better yet, Stepes uses translation memory technologies so the same sentences are never translated twice for cost savings and fast project turnaround. For enterprise customers, Stepes also helps our clients develop multilingual glossaries so all important technical terms and product names related to alternative energy are translated accurately and consistently across all content types. Just click on the button below to obtain an instant translation quote for your next alternative energy translation project.

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ISolar Energy Translated Right

Solar Energy Translated Right

The solar energy industry is witnessing a major boost in worldwide adoption as innovations with solar-plus-storage solutions make solar a practical alternative to conventional energy sources. Stepes offers a suite of professional translation services for solar panels, battery storage systems, as well as solar powered products such as electric cars and appliances. We translate technical documents, websites, elearning courses, and marketing collateral between English and Chinese, English and German, English and Japanese, and 100 other languages so our clients can confidently engage international customers across linguistic barriers and grow revenue globally. To learn more about Stepes solar energy translation solutions, please click here.

Wind Power Equipment Translations

Wind Power Equipment Translations

Are you a manufacturer of wind turbines or wind power generators and need to translate your user manuals, safety instructions, maintenance guides, or marketing materials to meet international customer requirements and comply with local regulations? Stepes provides fast and professional language translations for a range of wind energy equipment and solutions, online and on-demand. Just provide us with your wind power related documents and we’ll take care of the rest. Stepes owns one of the largest multilingual terminology databases for wind power and renewable energy related terms and expressions to facilitate our linguists in delivering the best translation accuracy and consistency. Simply drag and drop your wind equipment documents to our online translation portal to receive a free instant quote now.

Professional Translation Services for Hydropower

Professional Translation Services for Hydropower

According to industry studies, hydroelectricity accounts for nearly 70% of all renewable electricity generated worldwide. Hydropower is one of the most inexpensive sources of clean energy and is widely produced in over 150 countries. The global spread of hydropower facilities makes it one of most translated fields within the renewable energy marketplace. This is why you need Stepes. We help the world’s leading hydro electricity companies translate a variety of technical content for hydropower equipment, systems, and hydropower plants from English into Asian, European, Latin American, and African languages.

Biomass Energy Translations

Biomass Energy Translations for Global Success

The advancement in biotechnology is transforming the renewable energy industry in ways that were unimaginable even just a decade ago. Specifically, biofuels obtained through biological processes such as agriculture and anaerobic digestion not only provide an alternative energy source to fossil fuels but also reduce the world’s carbon emissions through cleaner burning. Stepes helps our clients translate a variety of biomass content (technical documents, training courses, or technology patents) for the production of biodiesel from transesterification or bioethanol from corn so businesses can expand in international markets with confidence. Stepes’ cloud translation ecosystem allows our biomass energy clients to centrally manage all of their translation projects and localization assets such as translation memory and terminology glossaries in one central place, ensuring the most efficient multilingual operations on a global scale.

Technical Translations for Tidal Power

Technical Translations for Tidal Power

The world’s vast ocean shorelines provide huge potential for future electricity generation by harnessing renewable energy from eternal tides. Emerging technologies such as dynamic tidal power, new cross-flow turbines, and grid-connected wave power systems make sustainable tidal electricity generation a practical reality. This is why you need Stepes. We help the world’s leading tidal power companies scale their alternative energy solutions to international success. Stepes translates a variety tidal power technical content with accuracy and speed between English and Japanese, English and Vietnamese, English and Spanish, as well as 100 other languages.

Professional Nuclear Energy Localization

Professional Nuclear Energy Localization

Is your company involved in the development of nuclear energy and need to translate your technical documentation into a variety of European or Asian languages? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide technically precise and linguistically accurate language translations for a variety of nuclear fission businesses, as well as next-gen nuclear fusion technologies. When it comes to nuclear energy productions, safety is always the top consideration. This is why you need to professionally translate a variety of safety information in order to comply with international regulations as well as deliver the best overseas customer experience. Talk to one of our technical translation consultants today and see how Stepes can help you accelerate international business success.

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