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Best-In-Class Language Translations for Home Appliances in 100 Languages

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) helps household appliance manufacturers and distributors achieve international success with fast and professional home appliance translation services, one accurately translated technical document at a time.

Accurate Appliance Translations

Accurate Appliance Translations You Can Trust

Are you manufacturing home appliances such as pro ranges, refrigerators, induction cooktops, air conditioners, dishwashers, or laundry machines for international distribution? Chances are you need a variety of technical documents, marketing collateral, websites, and software apps translated into Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Polish, and many other languages with quality and efficiency. Studies show that accurately translated communication materials is the key to grow brands globally. Stepes provides linguistically accurate and culturally competent household appliance translation services that help major appliance manufacturers engage international customers with confidence across language barriers. We have a large team of professional translators and multilingual subject matter experts specializing in translating home appliance related content with quality and speed. Stepes also owns one of the language industry’s biggest appliance terminology databases so our linguists can confidently translate your technical content with multilingual consistency and accuracy.

The global home appliance market is a 200 billion industry and is growing at double-digit rate. Rising disposable income within international households and technology innovation for next gen smart home appliances contribute to accelerate consumer purchases around the world. However, the home appliance industry is also highly competitive. Companies that deliver the best customer experience by producing multilingual product documentation and marketing collateral will stay ahead of competitors. This is why you need Stepes. We help the world’s leading home appliance brands succeed on a global scale by providing high quality language translations in all Asian, European and Latin American languages on time and on budget. Our home appliance localization solutions support translation memory so the same sentences are never translated twice for improved linguistic consistency, faster turnaround, and reduced cost. Talk to one of our home appliance translation consultants today to learn how Stepes can help you raise your translation spend to a higher level of international business success.

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We Translate All Major Appliances

Stepes provides ISO 9001 certified translation services for all major appliances in over 100 languages. The following is a list of major home appliances we translate:

Water coolerWater cooler
Kitchen stoveKitchen stove
Microwave ovenGMicrowave oven
Cooking ovenCooking oven
Pro rangePro range
Washing machineWashing machine
Clothe dryerClothe dryer
Air conditionerAir conditioner
Water heaterWater heater

Kitchen Appliance Translation

Professional Kitchen Appliance Translation

Stepes provides expert translation services for all major kitchen appliances including refrigerators, cooking ovens, dish washers, microwaves, and food processors. We have the linguistic resources, best-in-class localization processes, and industry leading language technologies to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate kitchen appliances translation solutions that help our clients accelerate business growth in international markets. We translate technical specs, operating instructions, maintenance guides, as well as product marketing and training materials between English and Spanish, English and Korean, English and Chinese, and many other languages. Since kitchen appliances use gas or electricity to operate, safety instructions and warning labels must be accurately translated to ensure international regulatory compliance. The good news is Stepes has expert experience translating appliance safety information in all major European and Asian languages with accuracy so you can confidently meet international regulatory requirements.

Refrigerator Document Translation

Multilingual Refrigerator Document Translation

Are you a household or commercial refrigerator and freezer manufacturing company and need to accurately translate technical documents such as user manuals, data sheets, or repair guides from English and Spanish, English and Vietnamese, English and German, and many other languages? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide best-in-class refrigerator translation services that help our clients engage international customers and partners across linguistic barriers with confidence. Stepes has a large team of professional translation and multilingual subject matter experts who are supported by our modern translation technologies to deliver the highest linguistic quality with speed. We also own one of the largest multilingual home appliance terminology databases, allowing our linguists to translate your refrigerator documentation with accuracy and consistency without sacrificing speed. To learn more about Stepes professional document translation services, please click here.

Laundry Appliances Translated Right

Laundry Appliances Translated Right

Do you need to translate owner’s manuals, repair instruction, or product catalogs for your washers and dryers in order to distribute laundry appliances in global markets? Then look no further than Stepes. We offer end-to-end translation and localization solutions for all major brands of washing machines, as well as electric and gas dryers. Stepes cloud translation management system supports translation memory so we can leverage previously translated content for improved linguistic consistency, fast turnaround, and reduced cost. We also support multilingual terminology management so the same terms are translated accurately and consistently all the time. In addition to translating technical documents, Stepes also helps our laundry machine manufactures localize elearning courses and training presentations with foreign language subtitles or voice over. Just drag and drop your laundry appliance documents to our online portal and select the desired languages to receive a translation quote in seconds.

Pro Ranges Translation

High Quality Language Translation for Pro Ranges

Are you manufacturing premium pro ranges or cook tops and need to translate a variety of marketing and technical materials to meet international customer demands? We have the linguistic resources and subject matter experts who understand all cooking appliance related terminology and concepts such as BTU output, fuel types, grill, griddle, French top, self-cleaning, dual convection, guided cooking, or sealed burner, in order to translate your sales literature, datasheets, websites, and product catalogs with accuracy and speed in all major Asian and European languages. When it comes to building your brand internationally, consistent and quality multilingual content plays a critical role in creating best local customer experience. You’ve spent time and money manufacturing your professional ranges and premium stoves, the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company that produces mediocre linguistic results. This is why you need Stepes. We help global cooking range manufacturers engage international audiences in any language.

Air Conditioner Translation Services

Air Conditioner Translation Services

The global home air conditioning market is forecast to grow 10% annually between 2021 and 2025 as improving economic conditions, rising per capita income in emerging markets such as Mexico, India, and South East Asian countries, as well as advancements in technologies that drive down A/C costs increase global AC consumption. This is why quality translation services for various air conditioning products are witnessing a surge in demand. Stepes provides expert translation services for all AC market sectors including commercial, residential, and industrial air conditioning industries. In addition to translating standalone air conditioners, we also translate technical documents for A/C components such as compressors, evaporators, fans, and condenser coils. Our cloud translation management systems makes it easy for our clients to manage all of their AC translation and localization activities online in a central place for maximum efficiency and scale. Talk to one of our air conditioning translation consultants today and learn how Stepes can help turn your translation spend into solid investment for accelerated revenue growth globally.

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