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Premier Audio Equipment Translation for Global Success

Stepes (/’steps/) provides expert language translation services for audio equipment, musical instruments, and audio/video products in over 100 languages. We help musical equipment manufacturers achieve international business success, one accurately translated marketing and technical document at a time.

Audio Equipment Translated Right

Audio Equipment Translated Right

Are you an audio equipment manufacturer in need of translation for your marketing brochures, sell sheets, product catalogs, websites, or technical manuals between English and German, English and Chinese, or English and Japanese? Look no further than Stepes. We provide culturally fluent and technically accurate musical equipment translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages. You’ve spent time and money developing the finest audio equipment and the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company that produces mediocre translation results, tarnishing your brand in international markets. Stepes has a large team of professional, native translators and multilingual subject matter experts who understand the industry lingo of audio/video systems and products such as mixers, amplifiers, microphones, speakers, digital audio workstations, and audio monitors, enabling us to deliver high-quality translations that drive international success. We help audio equipment companies expand their global market share across linguistic barriers.

Consistent, accurate audio equipment translations require linguistic knowledge, subject matter expertise, localization best practices, and, increasingly, language technologies that take advantage of AI and machine learning to harness the power of machine-human solutions. Stepes is a leader in next-gen translation technologies on the cloud, allowing our professional linguists to translate audio equipment content with confidence and efficiency. Our game-changing localization solutions for continuous terminology management, real-time translation memory propagation, and online in-context linguistic review are perfectly suited for quality and consistent language translations at reduced cost and turnaround time. Talk to one of Stepes’ audio equipment translation consultants today and raise your multilingual localization performance to a higher level of internationalization excellence.

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Hi-Fi Translation and Localization

Premium Hi-Fi Translation and Localization

According to Stereophile magazine, the global market for Hi-Fi stereo systems is witnessing double-digit growth thanks to the introduction of smart digital audio technologies (think Bluetooth speakers and media streaming systems), as well as enhanced automotive sound systems. To truly engage international audiences and capture market share in emerging markets like the Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe, audio equipment companies must translate their product literature into the local languages with quality and efficiency. Stepes has in-depth experience translating technical documents from English into all Asian and European languages for the full range of Hi-Fi stereo systems and equipment, including solid power amplifiers, preamps, loudspeakers, subwoofers, digital processors, headphones, stereo cables, and media servers. We translate product marketing collateral, website stores, technical manuals, as well as eLearning materials, online and on-demand.

Pro Audio Equipment Translation

Pro Audio Equipment Translation

Are you a pro audio equipment manufacturer that needs to market products to international sound engineers or touring musicians? No problem. We help the world’s leading pro audio equipment companies engage international customers across linguistic and cultural barriers. Stepes has the language resources, multilingual subject matter experts, and best-in-class translation solutions to help our clients accelerate their overseas success in the live sound, recording, and touring markets globally. We translate a variety of technical documentation such as end-user guides, operating manuals, and product demonstration videos for amplifiers, mixing consoles, DJ equipment, pro speakers, floor monitors, in-ear monitors, microphones, and wireless audio systems in over 100 languages. Simply drag and drop your documents to receive an instant translation quote. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction in terms of translation quality and on-time delivery.

Recording Studio Equipment Localization

Recording Studio Equipment Localization

The rapid growth of digital media around the world creates ample opportunities for audio production studio equipment manufacturers to grow their revenue globally. Whether you’re targeting international artists, musicians, film producers, videographers, or broadcasters, you need quality translation into local languages for your recording studio equipment user manuals, training documents, and marketing literature. Professional translation companies like Stepes have developed tailor-made translation solutions to localize audio equipment content with maximum efficiency, without breaking the bank. We have the linguistic experience and technical knowledge to translate both software applications and hardware products, including digital audio workstations (DAW), audio interfaces, microphones, headphones, studio monitors, and more.

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