Big Translation Will Change the World

Big Translation describes large scale involvement in translation by people speaking two or more languages. Big Data has transformed the way we process information. Now Big Translation will transform the way we communicate.

Harnessing the World’s Collective Knowledge

As the world economy continues to become ever more globalized, large scale, quality translation efforts by humans are sorely needed to bridge the communication gaps between languages. Over half of the world population speaks two or more languages so the potential for increasing the impact translation is huge– and Big Translation will allow us to harness this collective knowledge.


Spoken Languages


Bilingual People


Professional Translators

Big Translation will create new revenue streams for potentially 3.65 billion people globally. Most people may not realize, but a mere 2100,000 translators currently service the world’s population of 7.3 billion. With 6,500 spoken languages globally, the demand for translation far exceeds supply. Big Translation will bridge that communications gap by harnessing the capabilities of bi-lingual people, which make up half of the world’s population.

Breaking Global Language Barriers

Leveraging mobile technology will be the next frontier in Big Translation. With the advent of affordable, easy-to-use smartphones, over half of the world’s adult population now walks around with a highly sophisticated piece of technology in their pockets. What if we could utilize the time we spend on our smartphones to solve the world’s language barriers?


Translating Anytime and Everywhere

Stepes is the first to explore how this approach can be applied to translation and localization. Translation is traditionally a complex and expensive process for businesses. Yet with Stepes, even the biggest projects can be broken down for translators to work on in various languages, giving businesses immediate access to high quality translations on demand. And for over half of the world’s citizens who speak more than one language, Stepes gives them an intuitive translating platform that will connect them to projects right from their mobile phones. Now anyone who understands more than one language can translate anytime, anywhere.

Stepes Makes Translation Bigger Than Ever

Economists have hailed the “sharing economy” – the ability for ordinary people to share their resources directly with one another – as a breakthrough in how we consume goods and services. Stepes is a natural extension of the sharing economy by bringing translation into the public sphere, democratizing who can translate and who can afford translations.

As a result, everyone wins. Whether you’re a small business looking for an affordable way to enter new markets or a translator looking to earn money in your spare time, Stepes is the way to do it.