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Are you in the market to find a trusted language translation partner to help localize your business documents for overseas operations and development? Stepes (pronounced /steps/) has comprehensive solutions that help you achieve solid return on investment for your translation spend.


Stepes to Global Success to the following place

Stepes to Global Success

We have built a highly experienced team of professional linguists and subject matter experts to help translate your content with highest level of quality and speed in over 100 languages. Better yet, Stepes industry leading technology solutions and best practices ensure your business translation needs are always handled with the utmost efficiency and care. Just send us the documents or upload them to our online portal to receive a real-time estimate. Upon your confirmation, translations will begin immediately. We can turn around most business document translations in 24 hours or less.

Dedicated Translators

Dedicated Translators

To ensure the best technical accuracy and linguistic consistency, Stepes translation model is to build a dedicated team of linguists with both language translation experience and the right subject matter expertise to match your company’s business requirements. We also employ terminology management solutions and translation memory technology to help our linguists produce quality results on a continuous basis. Stepes translates a variety of business documents including financial reports, business plans, contracts & agreements, corporate communications, annual reports, training documents, and websites.

Techincal Accracy Achieved

Technical Accuracy Achieved

As stated above, Stepes has developed the language industry’s largest terminology database with technical nomenclature in over 1,700 industry and subject domain fields. We employ terminology management best practices to ensure all of your business documents are translated with the highest technical accuracy. For each client, our system automatically stores all translated sentences and technical terms and leverages them for future translations for improved consistency and quality on an on-going basis.

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The Fastest Business Translation Services

The Fastest Business Translation Services

Stepes provides real-time and on-demand business translations 24/7 because we understand the concept that “time is money” and its impact on our customers’ bottom-line. New technologies, and in particular artificial intelligence, are changing the nature of translation services. This is why we’ve invested heavily in next-generation AI-powered localization management solutions and patent pending mobile translation technologies so we can translate super-fast but still keep the highest linguistic quality standard. We’re proud to say that no other translation companies come close to the speed of Stepes.

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