Dear translators and interpreters,
Working with languages can be rewarding but tough job. That’s why we’ve designed the all-new Stepes mobile app with you in mind.
Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) is the world’s first completely mobile translation ecosystem. In just a couple weeks, we will be launching Stepes One-on-One which allows users to connect and chat with you directly through their smartphone to obtain text, audio, or visual translation. We are anticipating a huge surge of paying jobs on the Stepes app, and we need experienced translators and interpreters like you! You can learn more about Stepes One-on-One at:
The app provides all the translation tools you need to get the job done: machine translation, terminology management, and even voice translation. We’ve partnered with industry experts to design an effective translation tool and attract the best jobs for our translators.
Best yet, because Stepes works on mobile in addition to desktop, you can translate and earn money anytime, anywhere. We pay competitive per-word and per-minute rates for our translators and interpreters depending on the content being translated.
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Happy Translating!
The Stepes Team.

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