Professional Case Study Translation Services

Professional Case Study Translations for International Success

Stepes (/’steps/) provides accurate case study translation services for a full range of industry verticals and subject matter fields. We help our clients engage international audiences with authority, one professionally translated case study at a time.

Accurate Case Study Translations

Accurate Case Study Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking to translate your cast studies professionally to engage overseas customers and international audiences? Look no further than Stepes. We provide expert case study translation services in over 100 languages that deliver the highest linguistic accuracy and technical precision. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional native translators and multilingual subject matter experts who specialize in translating our clients’ case studies with accuracy and speed, covering all essential components such as executive summary (synopsis), overviews of challenges, findings (discoveries), solution presentations, and conclusions.

In addition to employing professional native translators with the right subject matter expertise, we also use terminology management and translation memory to ensure your organization’s case studies are competently translated into Spanish, French, Japanese, and 100 other languages to present a single brand voice consistent with the rest of your sales and marketing materials. Stepes’ full-service case study localization solutions include content translation, graphic localization, and multilingual desktop publishing (DTP). Talk to one of our case study translation consults today and learn how Stepes can help turn your multilingual case studies into global business success.

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We Translate All Types of Case Studies

Whether you publish illustrative case studies to describe a problem and provide the solution or pilot case studies to explore questions and issues before launching your research, we have the linguistic experience and subject matter expertise to provide the most accurate case study translations in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages. The following lists some of the case studies we translate.

  • Cumulative Case Study Translation
  • Descriptive Case Study Localization
  • Illustrative Case Study Translation
  • Exploratory Case Study Translation
  • Research Case Study Localization
  • Intrinsic Case Study Localization
  • Business Case Study Translation
  • Collective Case Study Translation
  • Problem/Solution Case Study Translation

Business Case Study Translation

Business Case Study Translation

Case studies are an essential sales and marketing tool businesses employ to persuade potential customers to purchase the company’s products or services. Stepes provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate translations of all types of business case studies, such as problem/solutions, demonstrative, and descriptive case studies. For each of our client’s business case study localization projects, we assign professional translators with the right subject matter expertise to deliver the most accurate translation results. In addition, our linguists perform terminology and technical research as part of our translation process to ensure the most accurate results. To learn more about Stepes’ sales translation solutions, please click here.

Research Case Study Translation

Research Case Study Translation

In addition to helping businesses engage international customers, we also provide expert research case study translations for scientific research and educational community in French, German, Japanese, and all other Asian, European, and Latin American languages. We have experience translating in-depth, complex case studies for various disciplines and subject matter fields that help our clients reach international audiences across linguistic and cultural barriers. Upload your research case study documents to our online translation portal to obtain an instant quote today.

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