Certified Document Translation Services

Certified Document Translation Services in 100 Languages

Our certified online translation solutions can get your documents translated by professionally certified translators accurately and securely at speed.

Certified Document Translation

Certified Document Translation You Can Trust

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides certified document translation services of technical, medical, financial, and legal content where linguistic accuracy is not only needed but also necessary to meet regulatory requirements. We have one of the largest teams of professional and certified translators in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages powered by our industry-leading language technologies to deliver high-quality document translations at efficiency. We give our clients peace of mind with our expert, certified document translation solutions perfectly tailored to each of our client’s unique translation requirements.

Stepes has the linguistic experience, localization methodology, and language quality assurance program in place to deliver the highest translation accuracy consistently. Each of our certified translations comes with our stamp of approval that they have gone through the most stringent quality checks. Whether you’re looking for certified medical document translation, certified legal content translation, or certified financial document translation, we have the professional linguists and subject matter experts to get the job done on time and within budget. Talk to one of Stepes’ certified translation consultants and raise your language localization success to a higher performance standard.

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Certified Legal Document Translation

Certified Legal Document Translation

Are you looking for certified translation services to localize your legal documents between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, or English and Dutch? Look no further than Stepes. We provide certified document translation services for legal proceedings and official submission to government authorities. Stepes owns one of the largest multilingual legal terminology databases, allowing our certified legal linguists to confidently translate various legal content with efficiency. To learn more about Stepes’ comprehensive legal translation solutions, please click here.

Certified Medical Document Translation

Certified Medical Document Translation

Stepes provides certified document translation services for medical records, healthcare studies, or clinical outcome assessments. Our medical translation best practices are compliant with HIPAA regulations to ensure the privacy and security of patients’ private information are fully protected during the translation process. Compared to offline workflows, all accesses to our secure online translation platform are verified and tracked to ensure the highest security. To learn more about Stepes’ medical translation solutions, please click here.

Certified Translation for USCIS

Certified Translation for USCIS

We specialize in providing certified document translations that meet USCIS immigration application guidelines. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires certified English translations of foreign language documents (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, transcripts, and passports) to be submitted as part of the application. This is why you need Stepes. Drag and drop your USCIS documents to our online translation portal and select certified translation with an accuracy certificate.

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