DevOps Translation Services

Achieve DevOps Success Globally with On-Demand, Agile, and Continuous Translations

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) leads the language industry with DevOps oriented translation services in over 100 languages. Our super-fast, always-on, and 24/7 software translation and localization solutions enable technology companies to achieve their highest potential in international markets.

DevOps Translated Right

DevOps Translated Right in 100 Languages

Is your company employing DevOps best practices to accelerate software development lifecycle while delivering continuous customer experience improvement on a global scale? Then you need Stepes. We have the linguistic resources and next-gen translation solutions to enable multilingual DevOps success across all Asian and European languages. Software companies increasingly rely on agile, lean, iterative methodologies to reduce time-to-market of new service releases and updates on a continuous basis in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, these DevOps operations pose unique challenges to traditional, offline translation models where slow, rigid waterfall localization workflows are the norm. This is why you need Stepes. We help companies achieve DevOps success across languages one accurately translated release at a time.

Introducing Stepes TransOps

Introducing Stepes TransOps

Like other DevOps practices such as ArchOps and TestOps that focus on software architecture design and QA testing, Stepes has launched TransOps for translating software releases most efficiently using the DevOps methodology for continuous localization delivery. TransOps uses Stepes translation APIs to receive content (software strings) for translation and then return translated results with a fully automated translation workflow. All linguistic productions are carried out by our pre-approved, professional linguists and subject matter experts for the highest level of linguistic accuracy. TransOps leverages Stepes on-demand, always-on, and continuous translation solutions to deliver software localization solutions that are perfectly engineered for DevOps.

Agile Translation Services

Agile Translation Services

The modern DevOps approach to software development calls for agile translation solutions in order to continuously release new features with speed across all languages. Agile translation services enable software companies to shorten time-to-market globally by releasing updates simultaneously across all languages, leading to improved international customer satisfaction. Stepes leads the language industry with agile translation services; our on-demand, just-in-time translation capabilities are deployed on all devices (desktop and mobile) and are available across all business content channels.

Continuous Translation

Continuous Translation Meets Continuous Delivery

A major component of the DevOps best practice is the continuous delivery of software updates and releases so small, incremental improvements are made immediately available to the end user or customer. When it comes to software localization, continuous delivery means continuous translation. Stepes is one of the first translation companies to introduce continuous translation services by taking advantage of our always-on, fully automated translation ecosystem across all devices. Stepes has developed a full suite of translation APIs that automate the entire continuous translation workflow so our clients can conduct DevOps across linguistic barriers. To learn more about Stepes continuous translations, please click here.

Software Localization 2.0s

Software Localization 2.0

Stepes provides expert translation and localization solutions for all types of software applications such as CRM, ERP, supply chain, office automation, CAD, ecommerce, business process management, mobile app and more. We provide GUI string localization, help document translation, as well as localized software QA and testing. Stepes cloud translation management system makes end-to-end software localization a breeze. Better yet, we’ve introduced in-context review so our linguists can easily view each software string on the actual software interface in real time in order to deliver the most accurate language translations. To learn more about Stepes software translation solutions, please click here.

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