Do It Yourself translation solutions for faster

Do It Yourself translation solutions for faster, easier, and more cost-effective language services. Stepes online translation platform allows you to take control of your content localization operations with speed and agility.

automation Translation Services

Following Amazon’s success in revolutionizing traditional retail business onto a highly streamlined online model, Stepes is disrupting the professional translation industry by enabling our customers to obtain quality languages services quickly and easily. Our highly automated web-based platform simplifies the localization process so you can simply drag and drop your files, select the target languages and subject field to get your documents translated professionally. With Stepes DIY, you get easier, faster, and lower cost translation services with the highest level of linguistic quality and technical accuracy.

Self-serve Translation Services

Self-serve Translation Services

Traditional translation and localization workflows involve many human touch points that not only slow down the delivery of language services, but also add to project costs and, in many cases, even lead to poor linguistic results. The good news is many of these manual tasks (file handoff, quotation, delivery, invoice and payment) can be automated using self-guided online solutions to ensure speed and consistency. With modern agile translation APIs, the entire translation process can be further automated end-to-end including publishing the localized content without human intervention.

Reduce the cost

The 80% Rule

Studies show that over 80 percent of today’s enterprise translation requirements can be adequately fulfilled using do-it-yourself and automated translation solutions. Typically, if your organization spends a million dollars or more on translation services each year, DIY solutions can help generate at least 20%-30% cost savings compared to using traditional full serve localization agencies. And this doesn’t even account for the additional benefits associated with accelerated time to market.

Stepes provides a perfect balance for today’s enterprise translation requirements, allowing our customers to take advantage of DIY with our automated translation platform, while at the same time providing full-service localization solutions for complex and/or customized translation services.

Improved Linguistic Quality

By removing unnecessary human involvement within the localization workflow, businesses are able to receive faster and better language services using Stepes DIY translation model. Accurate and consistent translation is a result of systematic quality assurance procedures carried out unfailingly throughout the language production process. Often times, a customer’s translation instructions are overlooked or misunderstood due to personnel changes and/or changed priorities. The automotive assembly line provides a great example for consistently executing each production step flawlessly at fast speeds to engineer the perfect product by eliminating manual bottlenecks and uneven results in human output (think about Tesla!) Applying this analogy to enterprise translation services, automated translation management systems like Stepes use advanced linguistic validation capabilities in real time to consistently outperform traditional ad hoc approaches with human project managers for better language consistency and terminology accuracy.

Another factor affecting language quality is the selection of the best linguists for each translation project based on subject matter expertise. Human project managers tend to use the same linguists for all of the translation projects for a customer regardless if the content is technical, HR, marketing, or legal. This is because it’s time consuming to sort through the qualifications and strengths of each linguist and be able to make an informed decision while still considering deadline requirements and the linguist’s availability. Stepes AI powered translator provisioning system solves this challenge by employing big data to automatically assign the most qualified linguists from our pre-approved translator pool for each translation project for the highest linguistic quality.

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Translate Faster

Translate Faster

Have you ever had the experience of sending a translation request to your localization partner’s project manager and never hearing back from the person until many hours later or even the next day? Many localization customers within the language industry routinely suffer from vendor abuse like this and never realize it. For example, you’ve been waiting for days for a translation delivery, only to be told through a silent message in your Inbox on the day of the scheduled delivery that the deadline must be extended. Worse yet, such poor performance can lead to product launch delays costing potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue.  This is why you need Stepes. We’ve not only streamlined the translation process to deliver the fastest translation services on the market, but also allow you to track project progress in real time so you can always proactively manage your localization operations for the best business outcome.