Earth Science Translation Services

Professional Earth Science Translation in over 100 Languages

Stepes (/’steps/) helps geoscience organizations engage international audiences with best-in-class earth science translation services, one accurately translated earth science document at a time.

Accurate Earth Science Translations

Accurate Earth Science Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for a professional translation company to accurately translate technical documents for geology, climate research, soil science, oceanography, hydrology, or physical geography? Look no further than Stepes. Stepes is an ISO 9001 certified translation company, providing high-quality technical translations for a range of scientific fields including earth sciences. We have one of the largest teams of professional translators and multilingual earth science specialists within the language industry who are powered by our advanced localization technologies to deliver linguistically fluent and technically precise earth science translation services on time within budget.

Consistent, quality earth science translations require linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and, increasingly, AI-powered translation solutions that leverage translation memory, terminology management, and MTPE (machine translation post-editing) to deliver the best localization results. Stepes leads the language industry with smart language innovations that leverage machine-human capabilities to deliver high-quality technical document translations covering global warming, environmental sustainability, natural disaster prevention, eco-friendly mining, and fossil fuel deposit discoveries. Don’t just take our word for it. Talk to one of Stepes’ earth science translation consultants today and learn how Stepes can help your business achieve multilingual communication success in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages.

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Hydrology Translation Services

Hydrology Translation Services

As an integral component of our professional earth science translation solutions, Stepes provides expert language localization for hydrology in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages. We translate both scientific studies and commercial documents for water management, water resource conservation, water contamination prevention, and environmental sustainability programs. Modern hydrology uses advanced software applications and sophisticated apparatus to analyze water distribution, movement, and properties to support the world’s water use. Stepes has experience translating software interface strings and technical user manuals with accuracy and speed so water organizations can confidently engage international customers and audiences across linguistic and cultural barriers.

Astronomy Translation

Astronomy Translation

Are you involved with manufacturing equipment for the astronomy sector? Chancre are you need to accurately translate marketing materials and technical documentation to meet the need of international customers. Stepes has the linguistic resources and best-in-class processes to accurately translate a variety of content for telescopes, skywatching binoculars, photometers, and solar viewers, as well as astronomy software applications and computers. We also translate research documents and scholarly articles for various disciplines within astronomy between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and German, and many other languages.

Meteorology Translation

Meteorology Translation

The study of the atmosphere, weather, and storms has important ramifications for global trades and worldwide economic development. Stepes’ earth science translation services include translating meteorology content for both the public and private sectors. Stepes owns one of the large multilingual meteorology terminology glossaries so our professional earth science translators can confidently translate your weather-related content with speed at scale. In addition to translating text documents, Stepes also has strong experience localizing weather related videos and online training courses so our clients can engage international audiences most efficiently.

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