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Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) is a leading English-German translation company providing expert language translation services for technical documents, websites, marketing collateral, and video content with quality and speed. We help global businesses achieve foreign language communication success, one accurately translated document at a time.

Accurate English-German Translations

Accurate English-German Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for a professional English-German translation company with the linguistic experience, industry/subject matter expertise, and language technologies to translate your marketing materials, technical documents, software apps, or websites between English and German? Look no further than Stepes. We are a leading, ISO 9001 certified translation company providing expert language localization services between English and German and 100 other languages. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional English-German translators and multilingual subject matter experts who specialize in a variety of industries and subject domain fields, including technology, eccomerce, medical, financial, legal, and manufacturing sectors. Our modern, cloud-based translation management system supports every aspect of the professional translation process, including file analysis and quotation, glossary development, terminology management, translation memory leverage, and real-time, in-context linguistic review, and automated formatting, enabling our professional translators to deliver the most accurate English-German translation results with confidence, on-demand.

Producing consistent, accurate German-English translations consistently on a continuous basis requires linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and localization best practices. Increasingly, successful translation companies like Stepes must also incorporate modern language technologies into their translation workflows to take advantage of AI, machine learning, and the best of machine-human solutions. Stepes is an innovative translation company, having developed one of the best online, 24/7 translation management systems that streamlines the entire English-German translation process for unrivaled translating performance. Stepes has helped hundreds of companies and happy customers translate between English and German (including both European German and Canadian German), covering technical documents, software apps, websites, and audio/video materials. Talk to one of our English-German translation consultants today and learn how Stepes can raise your multilingual communication to a higher level of international success.

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A Few of Our English-German Translation Customers

Stepes is trusted by some of most successful companies in a range of industries and business fields for their English-German translation needs. The following is just a small list of our elected clients.

Wells Fargo

English-German Translation Success

Big Stepes Towards Achieving English-German Translation Success

The translation industry has a bad rap. English-German translations are usually viewed as too costly, too slow, or both, and are often characterized as machine translated (think Google Translate.) The best English-to-German translation companies like Stepes are embarking on a mission to change that perception. We’ve developed a full suite of English-German translation solutions to significantly improve linguistic quality, while shortening project turnaround time at reduced cost. Our English-German translation services and solutions are simpler, better, and more cost-effective, allowing global companies to obtain professionally translated documents from English to German and German to English with best ROI. In addition to linguistic knowledge, Stepes’ professional in-country native translators have the right cultural background and subject matter expertise to ensure our clients’ English-German translation projects are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. At the same time, we support our linguists with smart language technologies for the best German-English translation results, project after project.

Stepes has one of the language industry’s largest networks of professional English-German translators, who have least 5 years of translation experience and domain subject matter expertise in specific industry fields such as IT, legal, financial, medical, or manufacturing to translate for companies in the related fields. Stepes also excels in applying the latest machine-human, cloud technologies to the language translation process to drive up linguistic quality, speed, and stability. Stepes’ industry-leading, cloud-based language translation ecosystem disrupts conventional translation processes by automating all non-essential manual tasks such as translation quotation, file processing, translation-kit preparation, linguist assignment, glossary creation, translation memory leverage, as well as post-processing and DTP. The result is a much more streamlined English-German translation workflow that is primed for higher linguistic accuracy, faster turnaround, and lower translation cost.

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English-German Online Translation Company

We Are a Leading English-German Online Translation Company

The Internet has transformed many businesses and the best language service providers are adopting the online localization model to deliver improved customer experience. Online translation companies like Stepes are capable of providing customers with vastly superior localization in terms of speed, versatility, transparency, scalability, and 24/7 availability. Stepes is a leading English-German online translation company, combining our years of experience in the localization industry with the latest cloud powered technology solutions. We achieve the highest level of linguistic accuracy as a result of our highly transparent process and intelligent linguistic validation technologies. Stepes’ modern, online translation platform supports instant quotation, real-time TM leverage, live project tracking, and around-the-clock project execution so international companies can obtain quality English-German translations anywhere, anytime, an on all devices. Stepes online translation platform support one-hour, three-hour, six-hour, and 24 hour English-German translation services. To learn more about our online translation solutions or to obtain an instant quote, please click here.

English-German Manufacturing Translation

English-German Manufacturing Translation Services

As a major exporting country of manufactured goods, German businesses rely on German to English translation companies more than anyone else to localize product documentation, user manuals, training materials, websites, and marketing brochures in order to reach international customers and grow market share globally. Stepes is a leader in translating for the manufacturing sector, having developed a numbers of localization solutions specifically tailored to the industry, including just-in-time translation, lean translation, and agile translation. We translate between English and German for automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical device, and industrial manufacturing with quality and efficiency. To learn more about Stepes comprehensive manufacturing translation solutions, please click here.

German-English Medical Translations

German-English Medical Translations

As an ISO 13485 certified translation agency, Stepes provides accurate, regulation-compliant English-German medical translation services for the life sciences sector. We translate all types of medical content from English to German and German to English for pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical device, and CRO companies. Whether you need to translate patient forms, informed consent documents, drug inserts, information for use (IFU), medical patents, clinical studies, and clinical trial materials, we have the professional English-German translators and subject matter experts to get the job done with quality and efficiency. Language services firms like Stepes increasingly play a critical role in ensuring international regulatory compliance by helping life sciences companies translate medical documents for regulatory submissions in both German and English. To learn more about Stepes’ expert medical translation services, please click here.

English-German Financial Translations

English-German Financial Translations

Are you an accounting, banking, insurance, or investment firm, as well as corporate finance department in need of translating financial documents from German to English or English to German? You’ve found the perfect language agency for the most accurate financial translations with efficiency. Our professional English-German translators have the linguistic experience and financial knowledge to produce excellent translation work for every project. Stepes has developed one of the largest English-German financial termbases, allowing our linguists to provide the most accurate financial translations with authority. As a leading English-German financial translation agency, Stepes is proud to help many banks, investment firms, insurance companies, accounting firms, and stock brokerage companies achieve English-German communication success with the highest ROI. Don’t’ just take our word for it. Upload your financial documents to our German translation portal to receive an instant translation estimate. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Please visit Stepes’ financial translation services to learn more.

English-German Legal Translation

5 Star English-German Legal Translation Company

Stepes provides certified English-German legal translation services to law firms and corporate legal departments. We’re rated a 5 star legal translation company by customers on the consumer affair network. At the same time, Stepes is one of the first translation companies to allow our clients to rate our translator performance for each project. We translate international legal contracts, company bylaws, technology patents, regulatory submissions, and litigation materials between English and German with the highest level of linguistic accuracy and legal precision. Stepes’ English-German legal translators are bilingual law professionals or legal subject matter experts who understand the legal text to provide linguistically fluent and technically accurate translation results. There are many translation companies in the legal localization market. However, when it comes to the most effective English-German legal translation services, Stepes is the translation company of choice for quality, speed, and competitive service. To learn more about our professional legal translation services, please click here.

English to German Document Translation Services

English to German Document Translation Services

Stepes is an on-demand document translation company providing end-to-end translation and localization of all types of business documents from English to German and German to English. Our document translation workflow consists of TEP (translation, editing, and proofreading), glossary creation, multilingual typesetting, and desktop publishing. Our cloud-based translation platform is able to extract text content from a variety of document types as well as graphics and images automatically and leverage translation memory in real time across documents for cost savings, fast turnaround, and improved linguistic consistency. We support all file formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, XLIFF, MS Word, InDesign, Madcap, Markdown, and DITA XML. Click here to learn more about Stepes’ document translation services.

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