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Translation is a $38 billion market and is forecast to grow to $47 billion by 2019. The current digital information explosion has highlighted the major mismatch in the supply and demand of quality translation for global businesses. Currently, the world only has 2100,000 professional translators, yet there are 6,500 languages spoken. How we bridge this language gap seamlessly is a challenge perhaps more difficult to solve than landing humans on Mars. However, exciting developments such as machine translation and mobile powered big translation are moving us in the right direction.

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The world needs mobile translation by human translators on a much larger scale, allowing translation to become as mainstream as Uber is in terms of shared rides. The ability to allow translators to translate when and where they want will create many exciting applications beyond what’s conceivable today.

Stepes is the world’s first mobile translation platform powered by human translators.

The concept of mobile translation has been completely misunderstood. In fact, if you search Wikipedia today, you will see it’s currently defined as:

Mobile translation is a machine translation service for hand-held devices, including mobile telephones, Pocket PCs, and PDAs. It relies on computer programming in the sphere of computational linguistics and the device’s communication means (Internet connection or SMS) to work. Mobile translation provides hand-held device users with the advantage of instantaneous and non-mediated translation from one human language to another, usually against a service fee that is, nevertheless, significantly smaller than a human translator charges.

Obviously, this definition completely misses the mark about the future of mobile translation.

The market for easy but effective cross-language communications will be the next hot sector for the technology industry, and early movers will become the next Wall Street darlings. After all, language touches everyone so the potential implications for technologies enabling quality and real-time translations when and where people need it will be huge. Google Translate has gained significant popularity as a machine translation technology, and today it’s getting well over a billion translation requests each year. That number is even achieved despite its translation quality lacking sufficient accuracy to be used in business. This is why translation technologies that provide human translation on-demand but also guarantee quality will have a significant market demand.

Stepes is the global first mover in mobile translation powered by human translatiors.

Its patent pending chat-based translation techology allows blingual subject matter experts to translate when and where they want and earn money. Stepes is ideally positioned to capitalize on the next excitng growth area as more businesses engage in globalizeation as a norm rather than an exception.

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