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Improve Translation Accuracy and Consistency with Multilingual Glossaries

Stepes /’steps/ provides expert glossary translation services in over 100 languages. We help businesses achieve improved translation accuracy and consistency, one accurately translated glossary term at a time.

Subject Matter Experts

Professional Glossary Translation by Subject Matter Experts

Are you looking to translate your product glossaries between English and Spanish, English and Japanese, or English and German for improved translation accuracy and consistency? Look no further than Stepes. We’re a leader in professional terminology management, providing tailor-made glossary translation solutions in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages. We employ some of the most experienced professional translators and multilingual terminologists with the right subject matter expertise to translate our customers’ glossaries for the best linguistic accuracy and technical precision. Stepes pioneered Continuous Terminology, our latest localization innovation that automates the end-to-end process of glossary creation, translation, and management, making it super easy for our clients to obtain quality multilingual glossaries hassle-free.

Stepes understands that accurate glossary translation is the key to improving localization quality. Our terminology translation best practices include term exaction, terminology research, subject matter expert review, consistency check, continuous terminology, and revision history management. Stepes cloud-based translation workbench automatically enforces translation consistency with approved glossary terms as our linguists are translating, allowing our team to deliver quality translation results with efficiency. Talk to one of Stepes’ glossary translation consultants and raise your multilingual localization performance to a higher level of internationalization success.

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Automated Glossary Creation

Automated Glossary Creation, Translation

Glossary development is important and hard work. Companies understand the vital role product glossaries play in improving translation accuracy and consistency. Nevertheless, they often lack the necessary resources or expertise to most effectively develop multilingual glossaries consistently. This is why you need Stepes. Our Continuous Terminology innovation makes glossary creation, translation simple, cost-effective, and hassle-free. Our clients simply upload documents to be translated, and Stepes will automatically extract terms based on the customer’s industry and then translate the terms accurately by Stepes professional human translators. Next, the system updates the client’s account glossary, all in a seamless, hassle-free, and continuous process. Don’t just take our word for it. Try translating a project with us and see how easy it’s to begin building your multilingual glossaries, effortlessly!

Glossary Translation for Software Localization

Glossary Translation for Software Localization

Does your company release software internationally? Chances are you need to translate software user interface (UI) strings from English into French, Chinese, Dutch, and many other languages. Also called UI glossaries, user interface strings are words that appear on software menus, dialog boxes, or error messages, and they must be accurately translated to ensure linguistic consistency between the software application and help documentation. Stepes UI glossary translation solution enables our translators to view the graphical user interface (screenshots) while translating, allowing our team to deliver high-quality software localization most efficiently. To learn more about Stepes software localization solutions, please click here.

Lower Translation Cost

Better Translation Quality, Lower Translation Cost

A clear, well-defined glossary not only ensures the consistent and accurate translation of key terms in product documentation but also lowers overall translation costs. During the translation process, translators must perform terminology research to come with corresponding terms in the target languages, while ensuring consistency with legacy translation. This effort can be time-consuming, resulting in decreased productivity. Different translators can also come up with different translations for the same term, leading to incessancy issues. Worse yet, poorly translated terms lead to translation rework, causing delayed time-to-market. Stepes continuous glossary translation solutions solve both issues to deliver high-quality translations at reduced costs.

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