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Professional Language Translations for the Global Golf Industry

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides expert language translations for international golf tournaments, golf equipment manufacturing, and golf-related products and services in over 100 languages. We help golf companies and organizations expand global reach, one accurately translated golf document at a time.

Accurate Golf Translations

Accurate Golf Translations for Global Success

Are you a PGA organization, golf equipment manufacturer, or a golf club operator in need of translating marketing communications materials or technical documents to engage international players and audiences? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide fast and professional golf related translation services between English and Spanish, English and Korean, English and Italian, and 100 other languages with accuracy and speed. As a leading provider of sports translation solutions, Stepes has the linguistic resources, best-in-class localization processes, and industry-leading language technologies to deliver linguistically fluently and technically accurate translations for all areas of the golf business. Stepes has a large team of professional translators (many of them are golfers themselves) and multilingual subject matter experts that are supported by our modern, cloud-based translation management system to deliver top notch golf translations on time and on budget.

According to the PGA Tour, the golf industry is a $84 billion market and rapidly expanding on a global scale, due to ever increasing international demand as the sport of golf continues to gain strong popularity globally (especially in the post-coronavirus world in which social distancing is the norm.) This is why golf related translation requirements are surging for golf equipment, golf events, and golf apparels. However, to ensure worldwide success, golf brands must deliver consistent, quality content in a variety of languages with speed to accelerate international success and stay ahead of the competition. Stepes’ AI-powered cloud translation model streamlines end-to-end localization workflow by leveraging machine-human solutions to automate many manual touch points such as content extraction, word count analysis, translation quotation, project management, linguistic review, and billing/invoice. As a result, we’re able to deliver quality translations for golf and many other sports with speed and scale.

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Golf Equipment Manufacturing Translations

Golf Equipment Manufacturing Translations

The game of golf has evolved significantly during the last fifty years from the original wooden clubs and leather balls to modern high-tech gear made from titanium metals or composite materials and multiple-piece soft core golf balls. Stepes provides professional translation services for all types of golf equipment manufacturers, including clubs, balls, clothing, bags, club carts, and simulation systems, so our clients can confidently engage international customers and grow business in global markets across linguistic barriers. We translate product packaging, user documentation, marketing collateral, training videos, websites, and software apps for all types of golf equipment with quality and speed. Stepes cloud-based translation ecosystem streamlines the entire localization workflow with real time translation memory leverage, terminology management, online linguistic review, and automated project management.

Stepes professional golf manufacturing translation solutions cover the following golf equipment.

golf clubsGolf clubs
golf ballsGolf balls
golf apparelsGolf apparels
golf bagsGolf bags
golf cartsGolf carts
golf simulatorsGolf simulators
golf GPS devicesGolf GPS devices
Swing analyzersSwing analyzers
Driving range equipmentDriving range equipment
golf accessoriesGolf accessories
Golf shoesGolf shoes

International Golf Tournament Translation

International Golf Tournament Translation

Are you organizing international golf tournaments or open championship competitions such as the British Open, Dubai Desert Classic, or WGC-HSBC Champions, and need language translation or interpretation services for media events, marketing materials, or tour guides from English into Chinese, English to Korean, English to Arabic, or other languages? Stepes provides premier written and spoken translations for all types of golf competitions and events worldwide so our clients can engage international audiences with confidence and achieve the best business outcomes globally. You’ve spent both time and money to plan and organize your international golf tournaments and the last thing you want is to work with an average translation agency to translate tournament materials with mediocre linguistic quality and protracted project schedules. This is why you need Stepes. We provide best of breed translation services for leading international golf tournaments that deliver unrivaled localization performance and ROI. Just speak to one of our golf tournament translation consultants today to learn how Stepes can help elevate your next international golf event to a higher level of multilingual success.

Golf Lessons Translated Right

Golf Lessons Translated Right

Golf is one of the most stubborn sports to learn and master; it involves numerous techniques specifically developed for a range of different clubs in order to produce the perfect swing, chipping, or putting to achieve consistent performance. This is why golf education has seen tremendous growth globally. When it comes to teaching international golfers and players, accurate language translation is a must.  Stepes has the experience and localization technologies to translate online golf lessons, eLearning courses, videos, and instructional documents with accuracy and efficiency. Our language service incudes transcription, translation, and subtitling, as well as multilingual voice-over and webinar interpretation. For companies that develop advanced golf simulation systems, Stepes also has in-depth knowledge with software localization that includes GUI translation, linguistic validation, and cosmetic testing. To learn more about Stepes eLearning translation solutions, please click here.

Sports Translation

The Leader in Sports Translation

Sports transcends culture and the language industry has been experiencing a steady increase of sports related translation demand in European, Asian, and Latin American languages. In addition to translating for the game of golf, Stepes also provides fast and professional sports translation services for a variety of sports in over 100 languages. We translate sports training materials, websites, media presentations, and e-sports content with quality and speed to help our clients deliver the best international audience experience and expand business in the global sporting marketplace. To learn more about our comprehensive sports localization solutions, please visit Stepes Sports Translation Services.

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