HIPPA Compliant Translation Services

Professional HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

Stepes (/‘steps/) has the linguistic resources and best-in-class localization processes to deliver HIPAA compliant translation services in over 100 languages. We help healthcare providers and health insurance companies achieve multilingual patient communication success, one securely translated health-related document at a time.

Accurate HIPAA Translations

Accurate HIPAA Translations You Can Trust

Are you a healthcare organization or health insurance provider looking for HIPAA-compliant translation services to deliver multilingual informed consent forms, patient medical reports, or clinical documents in Spanish, French Creole, or Chinese while protecting patients’ privacy information? Look no further than Stepes. We provide best-in-class HIPAA translations in over 100 languages. Stepes has an experienced team of professional healthcare translators and multilingual subject matter experts powered by our secure, HIPAA-ready translation management system to deliver a full range of clinical and medical localization services while observing patient privacy rules.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) stipulates that healthcare organizations and insurance companies protect personally identifiable information when delivering patient care communications. However, this creates new challenges when such content must be translated into other languages, as old-fashioned, manual processes are too slow and costly. This is why you need Stepes; our best-of-breed language automation technologies are purposely designed to take the pain out of regulatory compliance. Combined with our top-notch linguistic resources, subject matter expertise, and localization best practices, Stepes provides linguistically fluently, technically accurate, and legally compliant HIPAA translation services at speed and scale. We help our clients achieve multilingual healthcare communication success, one professionally translated patient disclosure information at a time.

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HIPAA Translation Workflow Automation

HIPAA Translation Workflow Automation

Stepes has developed innovative, evidence-based translation automation solutions that streamline and automate the entire HIPAA translation workflow end-to-end. We use the latest OCR, machine learning, and AI technologies to automatically redact documents to remove personal information such as patients’ names, social security numbers, and address information before our professional linguists process the content. Our secure and privacy-enabled online translation management platform is purposely designed to ensure verifiable access control and translation activity traceability for regulated content localization.

Informed Content Translation

Informed Consent Translation

FDA regulations require healthcare organizations to obtain informed consent from human subjects involved in clinical research or medical treatment activities. Healthcare providers must accurately translate the informed consent forms into the human subjects’ native languages when it comes to patients with limited understanding of the English language. Stepes provides full-service localization solutions of informed consent forms (ICF) that include content translation and post-translation desktop publishing (DTP), so the foreign language forms look professional. To learn more about Stepes’ ICF translation solutions, please click here.

Clinical Trial Translation

Clinical Trial Translation

Stepes provides professional clinical translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages. Our clinical trial translation best practices include linguistic validation, forward translation, back translation, language hominization, and cognitive debriefing. We also provide limited support for multilingual patient recruitment through our network of international medical translators. Stepes works with professionally certified life sciences linguists and follows HIPAA compliant processes for all of our clinical translation activities. To learn more about Stepes’ comprehensive clinical trial translation solutions, please click here.

Health Insurance Translation

Health Insurance Translation

Stepes provides a full spectrum of HIPAA-compliant health insurance translation services for both private insurance plans and government-administered Medicare programs. We translate all types of health insurance documents such as policy statements, Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), or Evidence of Coverage (EOC) from English into Asian, European, and Latin American languages. Stepes owns one of the largest multilingual insurance terminology glossaries within the language industry to ensure the best translation accuracy and consistency. To learn more about our insurance translation solutions, please click here.

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