HIPPA Compliant Translation Services

HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

Stepes (/‘steps/) offers translation services that strictly adhere to HIPAA standards, ensuring both linguistic accuracy and the utmost privacy for healthcare documents. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experts, we provide unparalleled speed, precision, and confidentiality in every project—making Stepes the trusted choice in healthcare translations.

Accurate HIPAA Translations

Accurate HIPAA Translations You Can Trust

Navigating the world of multilingual healthcare can be complex, especially when it comes to maintaining patient confidentiality across languages. At Stepes, we understand this challenge.

Whether you’re a healthcare institution or an insurance provider, Stepes provides specialized translation services specifically tailored to meet HIPAA standards. Our experienced localization team leverages the most advanced privacy protection technology to translate patient medical reports, informed consent forms, clinical studies, and a plethora of other healthcare documents. What truly distinguishes Stepes from other translation agencies is our unwavering commitment to confidentiality, ensuring secure HIPAA translations in Spanish, French Creole, Portuguese, and over 100 additional languages.

Stepes' translation solutions extend beyond mere linguistic accuracy. We harness cutting-edge technology for automatic redaction of personally identifiable information (PII) before the content is sent to our linguists for translation. This ensures our translations are not only precise but also HIPAA-compliant. By partnering with Stepes, you're opting for unmatched translation quality and an unwavering commitment to patient confidentiality.

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Stepes' HIPAA Translation Best Practices

Stepes’ HIPAA Translation Best Practices

Stepes’ strong commitment to HIPAA-compliant translation services prioritizes the protection of health information while delivering accurate medical translations. Here are the key best practices and unique advantages that set our HIPAA translation solutions apart:

Patient Data Protection

At Stepes, the safeguarding of personal health information (PHI) is paramount at every stage of the translation process.


We guarantee the confidentiality of all translated documents, strictly limiting access to authorized individuals only.


Comprehensive training is mandated for all our translation personnel, from linguists to project managers, emphasizing HIPAA regulations and the critical nature of confidentiality.

Secure Platforms

Our encrypted platforms and tools align with HIPAA standards, ensuring unyielding data protection during transfers.

NDA Agreements

Every member of our team, from project managers to translators, is bound by non-disclosure agreements, reinforcing HIPAA compliance.

Document Redaction

Through a combination of advanced automated and manual processes, we ensure the redaction or anonymization of personally identifiable information (PII) prior to translation.

Quality Control

Stepes adheres to rigorous multi-point quality checks, ensuring that translated documents maintain the clinical accuracy and clarity of their originals.

Audit Trails

Comprehensive logs capture details about data access points, modifications made, and access timings, showcasing our dedication to transparency and traceability.

Data Retention and Destruction

Our stringent policies dictate the duration of health data storage and ensure its secure deletion once no longer needed.

Rapid Response

Given the time-sensitive nature of healthcare documents, Stepes guarantees swift project turnarounds without compromising on translation quality or security.

Prior Art Documents

Collaborate with Stepes to ascertain the novelty of inventions through accurately translated prior art documents.

Specialized Expertise

Our translators aren't just language experts; they're also proficient in medical terminologies and concepts, ensuring impeccable translation accuracy.

Regular Compliance Checks

Through periodic reviews and audits, we continuously validate our adherence to the evolving standards of HIPAA regulations.

Multilingual Support

While Stepes supports a vast range of languages, the caliber of compliance and security remains unwaveringly high across all translations.

Continuous Improvement

We consistently adapt and refine our processes, tools, and training, keeping pace with technological advancements and regulatory shifts.

HIPAA Translation Workflow Automation

HIPAA Translation Workflow Automation

Stepes has pioneered cutting-edge translation automation solutions rooted in evidence-based practices, optimizing the HIPAA translation workflow from start to finish. By harnessing advanced OCR, machine learning, and AI technologies, we meticulously redact documents to eliminate personal identifiers, including patients’ names, social security numbers, and addresses, prior to engaging our expert linguists. Our robust online translation management platform is explicitly engineered for regulated content localization, guaranteeing controlled access and meticulous traceability of all translation activities.

We Translate All HIPAA Related Content

Stepes has the linguistic resources and technical prowess to offer top-tier HIPAA-compliant translation services across a wide range of healthcare-related content. Our services include:

  • Patient Records:
    We provide HIPAA-compliant translations of medical histories, treatment plans, test results, and physician notes.
  • Informed Consent Forms:
    Our team ensures patients understand medical procedures and associated risks through precise translations, adhering to HIPAA guidelines.
  • Medical Device Manuals:
    Stepes handles the translation of instructions and safety protocols, ensuring clarity and accuracy for all medical devices.
  • Medical Brochures and Leaflets:
    Translations tailored to ensure patients receive accurate information about health conditions, treatment options, and medication guidelines.
  • Prescription Information:
    Focusing on accuracy, we provide translations of medication details, dosage guidelines, and potential side effects.
  • Discharge Summaries:
    We convey recommendations and guidelines for post-care and discharge with utmost clarity.
  • Insurance Claims and Billing:
    Stepes ensures consistent translations of medical billing documents, insurance claims, and patient financial responsibilities.
  • Clinical Trial Documents:
    Our expertise extends to translating clinical trial protocols, participant information, and study results.
  • Telehealth Communications:
    Translations for all telehealth formats, including transcripts, recordings, and session notes, are managed by our professionals, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Patient Education Materials: Stepes translates vital information on diseases, preventive care, and post-operative procedures.
  • Mental Health Assessments:
    Recognizing the sensitivity, we handle translations of mental health notes, diagnoses, and treatment plans.
  • Medical Software and Applications:
    Our team translates user interfaces, user manuals, and help documents for medical software and apps, keeping in mind data protection and privacy.
  • Research Papers:
    Stepes ensures medical and scientific research is ready for international distribution, following best practices.
  • Medical Surveys and Questionnaires:
    We focus on capturing nuances in tools used for patient feedback and research data collection.
  • Lab Reports:
    Translations that provide clarity in results and interpretations of medical laboratory tests.
  • Referral Letters:
    Communication between medical professionals about patient conditions is seamlessly translated by our team.
  • Privacy Notices:
    We are committed to accurately translating documents detailing the usage, storage, and protection of patient information, in line with HIPAA standards.

Informed Content Translation

Informed Consent Translation

FDA regulations require healthcare organizations to obtain informed consent from human subjects involved in clinical research or medical treatment activities. Healthcare providers must accurately translate the informed consent forms into the human subjects’ native languages when it comes to patients with limited understanding of the English language. Stepes provides full-service localization solutions of informed consent forms (ICF) that include content translation and post-translation desktop publishing (DTP), so the foreign language forms look professional. To learn more about Stepes’ ICF translation solutions, please click here.

Clinical Trial Translation

Clinical Trial Translation

Stepes provides professional clinical translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages. Our clinical trial translation best practices include linguistic validation, forward translation, back translation, language hominization, and cognitive debriefing. We also provide limited support for multilingual patient recruitment through our network of international medical translators. Stepes works with professionally certified life sciences linguists and follows HIPAA compliant processes for all of our clinical translation activities. To learn more about Stepes’ comprehensive clinical trial translation solutions, please click here.

Health Insurance Translation

Health Insurance Translation

Stepes provides a full spectrum of HIPAA-compliant health insurance translation services for both private insurance plans and government-administered Medicare programs. We translate all types of health insurance documents such as policy statements, Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), or Evidence of Coverage (EOC) from English into Asian, European, and Latin American languages. Stepes owns one of the largest multilingual insurance terminology glossaries within the language industry to ensure the best translation accuracy and consistency. To learn more about our insurance translation solutions, please click here.

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