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Speed & Quality

Speed & Quality

Professional quality translation services do not have to be slow. In fact, modern businesses increasingly demand quality translations in real time. To get your documents translated professionally at the speed your business requires, simply sign up for a Stepes account. Stepes’ patented mobile-enabled translation solutions allow our linguists to get notified of your translation requests anytime and anywhere, enabling them to translate immediately on all devices. So, sign up for a free account and try our on-demand human translation services today.

Automated Translation Services

Automated Translation Services with APIs

Are you looking for automated translation solutions to meet your continuous translation requirements? Then look no further than Stepes. We’ve streamlined content localization so you get fully automated and hassle-free translation services via APIs. Simply sign up for a Stepes account and start translating today. We’re so confident you’ll be amazed by our highly streamlined translation solutions, we offer you a complete service satisfaction guarantee.

Machine-Human Solutions

Our Hybrid Machine-Human Solutions

Stepes has optimized professional translation services to deliver the best of both worlds. We combine the power of machine algorithms with professionally trained human translators to provide our clients with quality translations at speed and scale. Stepes is the first translation company to employ AI to intelligently manage the entire translation process from document analysis and quotation, to translation leverage and glossary creations, project tracking, and translation evaluation management. We produce machine like speed and scale, but with human translation quality.

Translate with Mobile

How to Translate with Mobile?

Stepes is the first translation company to incorporate mobile devices into our translation solutions so our clients can get professional translation services faster and better. Simply download the Stepes Translation App and sign up as a customer. You can upload documents, enter text, take a picture and have them translated on demand. You can even chat with a translator to get a wide variety of information translated in real time.

Cloud Translation

What Is Cloud Translation?

Like Amazon that has revolutionized retail onto an online ecommerce model, Stepes has transformed traditional translation services to a modern cloud ecosystem. Our online dashboard makes it super easy to get quality translations of your documents translated fast. More importantly, you don’t need to install any 3rd party software and you’re never locked in. You can learn more about Stepes translation cloud and see why it’s helping so many companies get simpler, faster, and better translations.

Meet our Super Human Translators

Working with one of the largest linguist networks in the world, Stepes delivers professional human translation in over 100 languages.

Stepes is powered by – the world’s largest multilingual terminology platform with millions of technical terms translated into 100+ languages by professional translators from around the world.







Human vs. Machine

Here at Stepes we only ever use professional human translators, each with their own subject-matter expertise, to work on your translation projects. In terms of getting a general understanding of simple text, machine translation platforms such as Google Translate and Bing Translator have made significant progress. However, these translations cannot be used for customer-facing content. In an ever globalizing world where translation accuracy is paramount, doing so will not only deliver poor customer service but will also inevitably result in loss of business.

Human vs Machine

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