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Accurate Human Resource Translations for Improved International Employee Performance

Stepes helps the world’s leading companies maximize international human capital with the best HR translation services. Our language technologies allow businesses to effectively manage their multinational workforce across languages.

Fast HR Translations

Fast & Professional HR Translations

Let’s face it: multinational companies employ large numbers of foreign employees for a range of global business functions, including international marketing and sales, offshore product research & development, as well as offshore accounting operations. Modern enterprise human resource management is often conducted in languages other than English to ensure local regulatory compliance and overseas talent retention. This is why you need Stepes, we provide HR document translation services in all European and Asian languages with quality and speed. Stepes has a large team of professional native linguists and HR subject matter experts to translate all your human resources materials with certified accuracy. Whether you need your employee handbooks, non-disclosure agreements, new employee onboarding procedures, performance review reports, or talent training courses translated into Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic, we have the linguistic talents and localization technologies to get the job done right every time.

Stepes offers a full range of multilingual HR translation and localization solutions to meet all of your human resource translation needs. In addition to standard document translation services, we also help our clients localize enterprise HR software applications as well as multinational employee training materials. We’ve developed the industry’s leading translation management platform so you can centrally manage HR related terms and documents in multiple languages. At the same time, our on-demand translation technologies allow your HR or legal department personnel to answer your international employees’ questions in their own languages in real time. Stepes serves some of the world’s leading brands for their HR related translation requirements.

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How It Works

Stepes has greatly simplified professional human resources translation services on our easy-to-use cloud localization platform. Simply drag and drop your HR documents and forms onto our online portal to receive an instant translation quote. Upon your approval, our pre-approved professional translators and bilingual HR subject matter experts are immediately assigned to begin translating. You can track the progress of your projects at any time on both desktop and mobile devices. Next, download translated files with the click of a button.


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International Employee Training Translations

International Employee Training Translations

Do you need to train your international employees in order to achieve the most optimal business outcomes globally? Chances are you need to translate your corporate HR eLearning courses into different foreign languages so your international workforce are equipped with the right knowledge to succeed. Stepes offers a full spectrum of eLearning and training translation services for all your multilingual HR localization needs. In addition to language translations, our HR training translation solutions also cover voiceover, subtitling, video/audio editing, and multimedia programming. To learn more about Stepes eLearning translations, please click here.

HR Software Localization

HR Software Localization

Stepes has detailed experience localizing human source and talent management software in Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and all major European and Asian languages. Stepes has developed industry-leading software translation solutions so our linguists can view GUI strings in-context during translation, allowing them to deliver superior linguistic accuracy and speed. We work with all HR software platforms on both the cloud and mobile. In addition to language translation, we also provide software localization testing (linguistic QA and cosmetic validation) as well as localized screenshot capture. To learn more about Stepes software localization solutions, please click here.

International Talent Retention

International Talent Retention

In order to ensure international employee satisfaction and reduce overseas staff turnover, companies must regularly communicate with foreign employees about corporate development goals and growth plans in order to engage and motivate employees to perform at their best. Studies find that such communications are much more effective when conducted in the employee’s native language. This is why you need Stepes. We help some of the world’s leading companies translate their corporate communication materials in over 100 languages.

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