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Best-in-Class International Translation Services in 100 Languages

Stepes (/’steps/) provides expert international translation and localization services for various industries and subject areas. We help our clients achieve global business success through high-quality translation services.

Accurate Pharmacy Translations

International Translations You Can Trust

At Stepes, we employ the world’s finest translators to deliver quality international translation services to exacting standards. This enables clients to communicate with international customers most effectively across linguistic and cultural barriers. At the same time, we empower our professional linguists and multilingual subject matter experts with the latest language technologies on the cloud to translate efficiently and confidently between English and European, Asian, and Latin American languages. In addition, Stepes translates all types of content, including documents and videos, to websites and software applications.

As a professional translation company, Stepes has the linguistic resources, localization workflow processes, and language quality assurance solutions to provide the most accurate translations and meet our international clients’ expectations on time and within budget. Our international translation services cover content localization of documents, websites, and software apps, as well as interpretation services, video translation, multilingual desktop publishing, language quality assurance, and project management. Talk to one of our international translation consultants today and learn how Stepes can help you achieve the best global communication success in all languages.

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A Few of Our Clients

Stepes is proud to provide professional international translation services to leading companies in the US and worldwide. The following are just a few of our clients.

American Airline

Industry Specific Translations

Stepes provides expert translation services for our clients’ industry-specific materials to deliver the most accurate translation results.

  • Legal industry: Stepes provides international translation services to the legal sector to professionally translate business contracts, court documents, and other legal materials. We help law firms and corporate legal departments engage international clients or conduct business in countries where legal requirements and terminology are accurately translated.
  • Medical industry: Stepes provides accurate translation services of medical records, clinical trial documents, and patient information to enable our healthcare clients to deliver proper patient care and comply with local regulations. International translation services can provide translators with expertise in medical terminology to translate these materials accurately.
  • Financial industry: Our financial translation services are tailor-made for translating financial statements, investment reports, and other financial documents with accuracy and speed. In addition to translating economic text content, we manage currency exchanges, date conversions, and number formatting in different languages.
  • Marketing industry: Our translation services help creative agencies and corporate marketing teams localize brochures, press releases, and advertising campaigns, to effectively engage global audiences. In addition to language translation, we provide desktop publishing and graphic design solutions in all languages.
  • Technology industry: We provide expert international translation services for user manuals, online help, software applications, and technical documentation. Our translation solutions support continuous terminology management and transparent translation memory.

Technology Powered International Translation Services

Technology Powered International Translation Services

Stepes is a leader in applying the latest cloud and AI solutions to professional translation services to deliver improved efficiency and accuracy of translation across different languages. With the advancement of machine learning and natural language processing, international translation services have become much more affordable while achieving quality and scalability. Our technology-powered translation solutions are available 24/7 and can translate a large amount of content quickly.

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