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Stepes /‘steps/ helps IPO companies, investment banks, venture capital firms, and stock underwriters engage international investors and regulatory authorities across linguistic and cultural barriers—one professionally translated initial public offering document at a time.

Accurate IPO Translations

Accurate IPO Translations by Subject Matter Experts

In today’s global share offering marketplace, companies must translate a variety of IPO documents such as preliminary prospectuses, road show presentations, due diligence documents, financial reports, and other red herring materials to engage international stock investors and achieve the best IPO success on a worldwide scale. This is why you need Stepes. We provide culturally fluent and technically accurate translation services for all kinds of initial public offering documents in Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, and all other Asian, European, Latin American languages that help companies achieve the highest international market capitalization.

Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional, native translators with the right subject matter expertise in financial, legal, and a range of industry verticals to deliver quality IPO translations at speed and scale. In addition to employing localization industry best practices for linguistic quality assurance, translation memory, and terminology management, we’ve also invested in next-gen language technologies that harness the power of AI to leverage the best of machine-human translation solutions. This is why Stepes has consistently outperformed the competition in delivering high quality translations with efficiency and competitive service. Talk to one of Stepes’ IPO translation consultants today and raise your initial public offering performance to a higher level of international ROI.

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IPO Prospectus Translation

IPO Prospectus Translation

Are you looking to translate the Initial Prospectus to accurately communicate opportunities, risks, and financial details of the IPO company to international investors, regulators, or other interested parties? Look no further than Stepes. The initial IPO prospectus contains many important data points, ranging from commercial, technical, and financial, to legal subject matters. This unique blend of disparate content requires the translation company to have dedicated translators specialized in each of the subject domain field to deliver professional results. Stepes has all of the required linguistic resources and multilingual subject matter experts to translate executive summaries, financial analyses, industry reports, and legal matters with quality and speed. Better yet, since many of the prospectus documents share similar content such as legal disclaimers and technical descriptions of the products and services, Stepes’ ability to reuse translation helps reduce overall translation costs while ensuring linguistic consistency and fast turnaround.

Regulatory Submission Translation

Regulatory Submission Translation

The global IPO market is witnessing a steady increase of new regulations due to world macroeconomic trends and geo-political changes. The U.S. SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance has introduced a number of policy changes to govern capital raising by both domestic and international issuers. As part of the public stock offering regulations, IPO companies are required to submit a variety of financial, legal, and business documents in the required languages to ensure compliance. The good news translating your IPO submissions doesn’t have to be an complicated undertaking or break the bank. IPO translation companies like Stepes provide expert regulatory submission translation services between English and Chinese, English and Hebrew, English and German, and many other languages both online and offline.

Translate All IPO Types

We Translate All IPO Types

Regardless if your company is going public through traditional IPO, SPAC (special purpose acquisition company), direct listing, or reverse merger, we have the linguistic experience and technical knowledge to translate your initial public offering materials between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Arabic, and many other languages so you can confidently engage international retail investors, as well as overseas institutional buyers across linguistic and cultural barriers. IPO documents have a unique blend of technical, financial, and legal content, demanding highly skilled and experienced translators with the right subject matter expertise to deliver consistent, quality results.

IPO Roadshow Translation

IPO Roadshow Translation

As part of the IPO marketing campaign for new stock issuance, underwriters and company executives in an initial public offering often embark on international trips to conduct a series of sales and marketing presentations to global investors. Stepes has in-depth experience translating roadshow materials such as stock sales pitches, PowerPoint presentations, explainer videos, as well as live audio speeches  (simultaneous interpretation.) In addition to linguistic services, we also provide professional desktop publishing (DTP), as well as video subtitling and multilingual voice-over.

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