IRB Submission Translation Services

Professional Language Translation for IRB Submissions

Stepes (/’steps/) provides IRB compliant translation services in over 100 languages. We help contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies achieve multilingual clinical trial communications success, one accurately IRB submission document at a time.

Accurate IRB Translations

Accurate IRB Translations You Can Trust

Are you a contract research organization (CRO) in need of translating your clinical studies, informed consent forms, or clinical trial documents for IRB review and approval between English and Spanish, English and Portuguese, or English and Chinese? Look no further than Stepes. We provide certified and professional IRB translation services in over 100 languages. Stepes has a large team of professional translators and bilingual subject matter experts who are specially trained to deliver linguistically fluent and clinically accurate IRB translation solutions with efficiency.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires each participating human subject in a medical device or drug research study to grant legally effective informed content to approve the submission materials. For study subjects who don’t speak English, the principal investigator or CRO firm must ensure informed consent forms and other clinical study documents are accurately translated into the participant’s native languages by a professional translation agency. This is why you need Stepes. Whether you’re looking for a forward translation, back translation, or certified translation for your clinical trial documents, we have the linguistic experience, multilingual subject matter experts, localization best practices, and modern language technologies to get the job done on time and within budget.

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Linguistic Validation for IRB Review and Approval

Linguistic Validation for IRB Review and Approval

Stepes’ professional IRB translation solutions include linguistic validation, one of the most rigorous language translation best practices for clinical trial localization. We have the linguistic resources, localization processes, and language QA technologies to systemically conduct forward-translation, back-translation, language harmonization, and cognitive debriefing in all major European, Asian, and Latin American languages. Better yet, we have streamlined professional linguistic validation into a highly efficient online workflow. To learn more about Stepes’ linguistic validation offerings, please click here.

Clinical Trial Translation

Clinical Trial Translation

In addition to IRB translations, Stepes provides the complete range of clinical trial translation services the world’s leading CROs and pharmaceutical sponsors depend on to conduct international drug research and development activities. Our clinical trial translation solutions support translation memory, continuous terminology management, and in-context linguistic reviews, allowing our professional linguists to translate clinical trial documents with quality ad speed. To learn more about Stepes’ comprehensive clinical trial translation capabilities, please click here.

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