Professional Language Services

Professional Language Services for Global Success

Stepes (/’steps/) provides best-in-class languages services in over 100 languages. We help businesses engage international customers with confidence, one professionally translated document at a time.

Best Language Services

Engage International Customers with the Best Language Services

Are you doing business in foreign markets? Chances are you need professional language services to deliver the best international customer experience. This is why you need Stepes. We provide professional language services in all European, Asian, Latin American, and most African languages with quality and speed. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional linguists and multilingual subject matter experts who specialize in translating content for a range of industry fields. Our professional language services include document translation, website localization, video translation, software localization, and interpretation.

Stepes is a technology-enabled language service provider that uses the latest AI, machine learning, and the cloud to improve turnaround, quality while reducing project costs. Our language service tools support continuous terminology management, ensuring the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision for localized marketing materials, websites, user documentation, and software apps. Stepes pioneered transparent translation memory, a language service innovation allowing our clients' full access to all of their translation assets all the time for the most efficient language service spend management. Don’t just take our word for it. Talk to one of Stepes language solution consultants today to arrange a demo of our technologies and services.

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Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

Stepes’ professional language services include expert document translation between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and German, and 100 other languages. We support the translation of marketing documents, technical manuals, legal materials, and training courses. Our AI-powered document processing solutions can extract content (including text from graphics and images) automatically to provide an instant translation quote. In addition to translation, we also provide expert desktop publishing (DTP) so the translated documents are professionally formatted. To learn more about Stepes’ extensive document translation capabilities, please click here.

Continuous Terminology Management

Continuous Terminology Management

Companies understand the importance of terminology management in terms of translation accuracy and consistency. However, many of them lack the expertise or internal resources to manage terms proactively and continuously to ensure the best localization outcomes. This is why Stepes has developed the language industry’s first automated terminology management solution that continuously extracts, translates terms, and builds multilingual glossaries easily. Finally, businesses can seamlessly manage technical terms, product brands, and industry jargon hassle-free, while saving translation time and costs with improved quality. To learn more, please click here.

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